Parenting Feminism

The word “Feminism” is misunderstood by many. Before knowing about feminist characteristics in a child or while raising a child, let us get a clear picture of what “feminism” really is!

Feminism is the belief that women and men should be allowed equal rights, power, and opportunities as men, and be treated equally.
“Gender roles” play a vital role in various societies. Mainly, the do’s and don’ts, the calibers of people, the value they are ought to and the respect they deserve all are judgmental, they are not judged by one’s individuality, but by the genders. And, this view of society is not hidden, equally prevailing in urban and rural areas.
Discrimination based on gender is so common these days and could be witnessed at workplaces, institutions, and even in some homes.

Gender stereotyping refers to the practice of predictions of roles of women and men in society due to the only reason for there being men or women. Grabbing their limitations as well as limiting themselves to the societal boundaries created.

The question arises, what can be our contribution in stopping this.
The first and primary step that is more important, is to inbuilt the sense of feminism and equality in children. We cannot change the present but can change the future.
Let us have a glimpse of what all can be done to instill these values in a child:

Get rid off the stereotypes:

There are several stereotypes on girls and boys, from what they should wear to their favorite colors. It is assumed that the favorite color of girls must be pink and that of boys should be black. Not only this, but when we enter the market, it’s overflowing with apparel for girls and is heavily ridden with pink/white-colored dresses and accessories, with slogans such as ‘Mom’s princess’, ‘Fashionista’, and for the same fabric and size, and is more expensive than a boys clothes.

There are numerous stereotypes which limit the roles of men and women in society. On more such example is-the failure to punish marital rape based on societal perception of women as the sexual property of men, and the failure to effectively investigate, and sentence sexual violence against women based on.

These predetermined things are often cited as childish, but in reality, they aren’t. They have been with us since birth and slowly engrave in our hearts too. Therefore, the base can be set by ignoring and stopping these misleading stereotypes to rule us.

Teach lessons equally
A girl should be taught to sit properly, the boy should also be taught to behave properly. When girls are taught to have patience, boys should be taught to express their feelings out. This “men don’t cry” tag should be removed and so too “girls need to adjust”.
Why? Why only the girls need to adjust, they are better halves after marriage, the proportion of everything should be equal. And, why don’t men cry? Aren’t they human? Why shouldn’t they express their emotions out?
To overcome this, teach your children to express their hearts out, rather be it a girl or boy!

Working mothers versus housewives
Working mothers versus housewives have always been a topic of debate. But, no one discusses different types of fathers from abusing ones to non- working ones. Women either working or not, are the catalyst of a family. Both of them are equally important irrespective of their work. We have always found out different articles on how working women should give equal time at home or how to manage both sides. but there are no such articles for fathers about how they should manage the same.
As well as we always highlight women working out and at home, but we never highlight boys who do the same. Here is where the right to equality is questioned. People working out, either men or women should be treated the same with the same respect for their hard work.

They don’t need to be in good books always
Make your child understand the difference between being well mannered and being good. Always been taught to behave properly in certain ways at school and home to girls. Are there ever such rules and guidelines for boys? No, there are none. They have always come with tags ” men will be men”. Why aren’t they taught the way they should look at things in girls?

On the other hand, an image is made of men working out and not in kitchens. Why?
There are some famous male chefs, all we need to do is to open up.

Rather than important values in your girls and boys for being socially, physically aware of how they behave in society so that they can be in the good books of people, make your son understand the way he should behave with girls, to respect them and treat every girl as a family.

Equality of boy and girl after marriage
Both the parents have equal opportunities towards the children as well as towards themselves. Children need to know that while a mother gives birth, everything beyond it, except breast-feeding, is in the shared kitty of both the parents.

The strongest and the most powerful weapon is with the parents. They are the power, the potters who shape the children. About how you are, and what values you want to impart in your children as well as how you teach them about being the perfect ones. Just make your child learn how they should give equal importance, respect, and opportunities to both genders of society.

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