Ozone Layer – The Protective Layer


Ozone Layer – The Protective Layer

The planet Earth gets covered by a thin layer of atmosphere just like a blanket, called the ozone layer. This layer accounts for us being safely stayi

The planet Earth gets covered by a thin layer of atmosphere just like a blanket, called the ozone layer. This layer accounts for us being safely staying on the surface, as they absorb the ultra-violet rays of the sun, protecting us. Over the years, sadly we have reached a place where we are in dire need of protecting these layers, to safeguard ourselves and protect our existence on the planet. We celebrate a day that urges us to work towards protecting these layers. But, what exactly is the problem with the ozone layer, and the cause behind their depletion? 

Ozone Layer Depletion

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The ozone layer shields us from the over-exposure of us to the ultra-violet rays. Although getting a little of these rays is actually good for our health, getting an overdose might lead to serious issues like skin cancer, melanoma, premature aging, and many other types of physical as well as mental damage to our body. Ozone works like a sponge, absorbing the rays. Ozone molecules are simply three oxygen atom molecules, and they break down and replenish naturally. 

In the past few decades concerns regarding the ozone layer developing holes have been under the radar and environmentalists have been concerned about the situation. But, this is quite misleading as in actual facts, the ozone layer is becoming thinner and cannot develop holes as stated by many. Yet, the concern is the same and we need to look into the matter. The natural replenishment of the ozone has been extensively reduced by the generation of CFCs, chemical gases made up of chlorine, fluorine, and carbon molecules. These CFCs are a by-product of many gadgets like refrigerators and aerosol cans. Many governments have agreed upon the fact that these gadgets are harmful, and their use should be minimized. This move has led to the replenishment of the ozone layer. 

We as active citizens of the planet also owe a sense of responsibility towards the planet and should contribute whatever we could do to save nature as a whole. Some things we can do ourselves are: 

  • Try avoiding the gadgets that utilize CFCs in the manufacturing process, or have their primary ingredient as these.
  • Malfunctioning of the ACs often leads to the CFCs escaping into the atmosphere, causing more ozone depletion. Regular cleaning and maintaining of the Air Conditioners would help reduce this. It is necessary to have this done regularly. 
  • Prefer products near you, manufactured and sold. This is a way to ensure that the products do not get transported all the way, and produce more nitrous oxide and other gases in the way creating more harm. Having fresh products is as healthy as anything else. 
  • Many products used for cleaning and washing are corrosive containing solvents that harm nature. Ironically, these products pollute nature even more. These could be replaced by many organic solvents such as vinegar or even washing soda available in the market. 
  • Minimize all sorts of activities that lead to air pollution, including driving a car. Carpooling is a good way for it as well. 

It is our turn to be responsible enough and work towards having a better place to live in and saving our planet as well. 


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