October 7 – East Germany Is Formed And More

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History is something that illuminates the culture and its origin. It also forecasts the awareness and how and when everything evolved and fell into pl

History is something that illuminates the culture and its origin. It also forecasts the awareness and how and when everything evolved and fell into place. It not only helps us trace the origins of the past but also helps us understand it better which leads to an understanding of the present more desirably. We, at Brag Social, try to keep you updated with the happening of past and present through our today column. Let us now read the historical milestones of October 7.

1765 – Stamp Act Congress convenes in New York City


To devise a unified protest against new British taxation the First Congress of the American Colonies – Stamp Act Congress convenes in New York City. The Congress meeting was held in the Federal Hall consisting of elected representatives from several American colonies and some of the British colonies. The Stamp Act Congress also is known as the Continental Congress of 1765 was established on October 7 1765, and the Stamp Act was passed by the parliament on November 1, 1765. The Act required the use of specially stamped paper for legal documents, playing cards, calendars, newspapers, and dice for virtually all business in the colonies.




1806 – Carbon paper patented in London by inventor Ralph Wedgwood

The first patent of the carbon paper was received by Englishman Ralph Wedgwood in London on October 7 1806. The carbon paper was printed first in 1850 with the purpose of duplication by Wedgwood. The thin paper coated with a mixture of wax and pigment was initially Wedgwood’s “Stylographic Writer” that was intended to help the blind write through the use of a metal stylus instead of a quill. The Carbonated paper was introduced in the laborious days for copying manuscripts in monasteries.

1912 – The Helsinki Stock Exchange sees its first transaction

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The Helsinki Stock Exchange was made on 7th October 1912, when it saw its first transaction. Helsinki is a stock exchange in Helsinki, Finland. Until 1984, the Helsinki Stock Exchange remained a “free form” type of financial association and was later changed into a cooperative owned by Banks, traders, other companies and associations. HETI (Helsinki Stock Exchange Automated Trading and Information System) enabled remote traders to do transactions on equal terms with those in the trading room when trading was moved to a new digital system on April 1 1990.

1919 – First London-Amsterdam airline established

The Royal Dutch airlines (British Aerial Transport & KLM) was founded on 7th October 1919. It flew its first scheduled service from Amsterdam to London on May 17 1920. KLM was led by a former Dutch pilot, Albert Plesman, who headed the company until his death. It was the world’s oldest continuously operating airline until it merged with Air France in 2004. The company’s Headquarters are at Amstelveen, Neth. Today, the airline serves 145 destinations worldwide with 120 aircraft. 

1949 – East Germany, the German Democratic Republic, is formed.

The German Democratic Republic or East Germany was founded on 7 October 1949 as a sovereign nation after the establishment of the German Federal Republic and the economic and political unification of the three western occupation zones under a single administration. The German Democratic Republic existed from 1949 to 1990 covering areas of the present-day German states of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg, Berlin, Sachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt, and Thüringen. East Germany was ruled by the Socialist Unity Party of Germany and operated with a command economy for 41 years until 3 October 1990, hence reflecting its political and economic system status as a part of the Eastern Bloc of Soviet-allied Communist countries. 

1996 – Fox News Channel begins broadcasting.

The Fox News was created by Australian-born American media mogul Rupert Murdoch and launched on 7th October 1996. The former NBC executive and Republican political strategist, Roger Ailes was hired as its founding CEO after leaving America’s Talking (now MSNBC). Fox News was launched to 17 million cable subscribers. The channel was available to 10 million households with none in the major media markets of New York City and Los Angeles. Fox News was made available to 56 million homes nationwide during the 2000 Presidential elections and became the biggest gain among the three cable news television networks with a staggering 440% increase in viewers.


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