October 3- First Facsimile Photo Sent and more..

Let us read onto some of the milestones in history today

The prospect does not be present. The lone thing that exists is at the present and our remembrance of what happened in the past. But for the reason that we made-up the thought of an outlook, we are the only being that realized we could influence the precedent, as well as the prospect by what we do today, is based on the past.

1906: Conference on Wireless telegraphy in Berlin adopts SOS as a warning signal; one of the first conferences

SOS is still documented as a typical anguish signal that may be used with any signaling system. It has been utilized as an image suffering signal. It consists of three short/three long/three small sparks of light, such as from a survival mirror. In some belongings the particular letters “S O S” have been spelled out, for instance, marked in a snowbank that is shaped out of wood on a beach. And Berlin accepts the primary meeting on wireless telegraphy regarding SOS as a caution signal.

1922: 1st Facsimile photo sent through city telephone lines, Washington, D.C

Source: Britannica


Washington DC USA: First ‘Facsimile’ Sent Over Phone Line, October 3, 1922. First facsimile photo sent over the city telephone line, Washington, D.C… The primary key consumers of fax services were newspapers that passed on and acknowledged photographs from across the world. And it was the main step which is made by the government of Washington D.C.

1985: The Space Shuttle Atlantis makes its debut flight.





The first flight was STS-51-J from 3 to 7 October 1985. Atlantis boarded on its 33rd and very last mission, also the concluding task and job of a space shuttle. This was the second mission that approved a payload for the U.S. Department of Defense. Today, the consignment Operations combination Center at Marshall serves up as “science

Source: European Views

central” for the space position, working 24 hours, and 365 days in a year in support and hold up of the tracking and following the laboratory’s scientific experiments. The NASA History plan is accountable for producing, broadcasting, and defending NASA’s remarkable history and as long as an inclusive considerate and the understanding of the institutional, cultural, communal, supporting, financial, technological, and systematic features of NASA’s actions which are related to the in aeronautics and space. For more pictures like this one and to attach to NASA’s history, break the Marshall History which is totally attached and connected to that.



1990 : After 40 years of division, East and West Germany are bringing back together as one nation.

On this day in 1990, West Germany and East Germany ended 45 years of the separation and division that began in the aftermath of World War II by coming jointly to turn out to be one nation. October 3, 1990. In 1990, West Germany and East Germany ruined 45 years of splitting up that began in the consequences and results of World War II by bringing back together to become a single nation. And after 40 years of division reunited jointly as one and only nation together and jointly.





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