October 10 – Neptune moon Triton discovered and more..

History is something that illuminates the culture and its origin. It also forecasts the awareness and how and when everything evolved and fell into pl

History is something that illuminates the culture and its origin. It also forecasts the awareness and how and when everything evolved and fell into place. It not only helps us trace the origins of the past but also helps us understand it better which leads to an understanding of the present more desirably. We, at Brag Social, try to keep you updated with the happening of past and present through our today column. Let us now read the historical milestones of October 10:

1846  William Lassell discovered Neptune moon Triton


Triton is the largest natural satellite of the planet Neptune. The first Neptune moon to be discovered was found in 1846 by English Astronomer William Lassell. Triton has a retrograde orbit that is the orbit in the direction opposite to the orbiting direction of the planet. The moon is most parts of frozen nitrogen, water-ice crust, and a core of rock and material. Triton also has similarities with Pluto and has been thought of as a dwarf planet. But, nothing has been concretely declared.

1889 Barnard College is founded in New York City 

Barnard college is a private women’s college founded by Annie Nathan Meyer, in New York City. This was in response to the refusal by Columbia’s university to admit women. It is a member of the Seven Sisters. The Seven Sisters is an association of prominent women’s liberal art colleges. The college offers a degree of 50 art courses.  Some of the notable alumni from the college include Martha Stewart, Joan Rivers, Laurie Anderson, and more.

1924 Washington Senators win their 1st World Series

The 1924 World Series was a best-of-seven playoff. It was played between, the American League, pennant winner Washington Senators, and National League. Senators defeated the Giants in seven games winning their first-ever championship in the club’s history. This was their only win achieved by the team when the franchise was conducted in Washington. The seventh game is one of the most dramatic games in history.

1970 Fiji gains independence from Britain (National Day)

Source: Irishtimes

October 10 marks both Fiji’s admission to Britain in 1874 and attaining freedom from the state. The British ruled the subcontinent for around 100 years until the US crowned it a separate nation. They celebrate this day as National Day. Throughout the week, Fijians live their tradition and cherish their country. This year the celebrations will be aired live to comply with the COVID 19 restrictions.

2014 Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi win Nobel Peace Prize

Malala and Kailash Satyarthi were felicitated with the Nobel honor for their active work against child suppression and working for child rights. Malala, a current UK citizen, was a Pakistani who was shot by terrorist groups. She was also one of the youngest Nobel Laureates to date. Satyarthi was keen on reducing child labor and had been actively working on the ground to eliminate child labor.

Source: OnthisdayWikipedia

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