NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo tests and his actions in regards to the NYC outbreak

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he was tested for the COVID 19 over the weekend and the result came back negative. Cuomo made the announcement at his daily press briefing on Monday, and said that he didn’t pose any symptoms, but that New Yorkers can now be tested without first developing ailments.

“There’s no reason why people shouldn’t be getting tested,” he said, adding that those who develop flu-like symptoms should get tested.

“If you were exposed to a person who you find out is positive for COVID, get a test,” he said. “It takes 30 seconds, we have 700 locations across the state, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t do it. Go right to the web, show you right where the location is, sign up, and go.”

Cuomo, who has been facing massive criticism for the state’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak in nursing homes, said that hundreds of tests are being shipped to care facilities so that all staff can be tested twice per week.

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