November 9 – Apollo 4 Launched And More

History is something that illuminates the culture and its origin. It also forecasts the awareness and how and when everything evolved and fell into place. It not only helps us trace the origins of the past but also helps us understand it better which leads to an understanding of the present more desirably. All new things invented or discovered in the past have a great significance for everyone in the contemporary world. We, at Brag Social, try to keep you updated with the happening of past and present through our today column. Let us see what interesting events occurred on November 9 in the past.


1821 –  1st US pharmacy college holds 1st classes

The Philadelphia College of Pharmacy is a 199-year-old establishment. It is first in North America. It offers more than 30 courses for students. On November 9, 1821, it officially started classes. Its original functions were research, teaching, and service. Over the years it evolved into a community of visionaries, scientists and researchers. Initially, it was an all-male college. By 1876, it became co-ed. The main focus areas of study during the 19th century were chemical and biological science. Now its mainstream areas are; biology, chemistry, and bacteriology.


1842 – The first U.S. design patent was issued


The patent system of the United States was established in 1790. The main aim was to give an inventor the right to exclude others and competitors from making, selling, or using her/his invention for a time period. The main goals were:

  • Preserve old inventions
  • An incentive for new inventions.

George Bruce was an American printer, inventor, and industrialist from New York City. For his invention of printing typefaces and borders, he received the first-ever US-designed patent on November 9. His patent number was USD 1.

1848 The first U.S. Post Office in California opens in San Francisco

In November 1848, The city of California was overcrowded with citizens who urgently needed some sort of communication method. The need for connecting with others in various cities and states increased exponentially. Postmaster General Cave Johnson immediately dispatched an agent to urgently find a suitable location for a post office. On November 9th, as soon as the office opened, mails came in bulk. By Christmas, the post office was flooding with mails and packages. The main reason for the urgency for a post office was the Gold Rush of California.


1967 NASA launches Apollo 4 


Apollo 4, an experimental spacecraft launched mainly for the Saturn V launch vehicle. Moreover, it was uncrewed since it was a trial. The main testing goals were:

  • Test translunar motors
  • Withstand high speed during the return journey
  • Withstand high speed with humans on board.

It launched from Kennedy Space Center, Florida on November 9, 1967. Nobody believed it would be a success. In the end, Apollo 4 proved them wrong. The Saturn V worked magnificently. Also, bringing astronauts on the Moon back home safely. 

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