New York – The Big Apple

NEW YORK CITY– The biggest city in the U.S. and the dream city of many, New York is one of the best cities within the world. In just about every creative field- theatre, fashion, music, literature, art, dance, and sports- the city is the “place to go” to see “if you will make it”. 

Set within the Northeastern US, New York is halfway between Washington D.C. and Boston. Known the city of 5 Boroughs- Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island- as it is located on one of the world’s largest natural harbors. 

The city’s total space is 468.484 sq. miles (1,213.37 km.sq.). It is so densely populated, that one out of thirty-eight people in the U.S.A., lives in New York! 



STATUE OF LIBERTY: It is the world’s most renowned symbol of freedom and one of the biggest standing sculpture in the world. Statue of Liberty is one amongst the most visited tourist places in America. The statue stands almost 152 feet tall. France gifted it to America in 1886.

METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART: was opened in 1870 and is generally referred as The Met museum. It is a delight for the eyes and one of the most most visited museums in New York. It has a collection of over two million art pieces from all around the world, dating back to 5,000 years ago. 

BROADWAY: it has become the synonym for theatre in the theatrical world. America theater consider it as the greatest theatre. From premiere shows and long-running classics, it is a must-go-to place for the people.

NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY: With a collection of over thirty eight million books and magazines, the New York public library is an outstanding attraction for tourists. Many movies and magazines have publicized it as well.

CENTRAL PARK: Situated in the middle of the New York city, a walk in the Central Park should be a must in New York city tour.


The city’s flora and fauna are testimony to the speedy changes within the system obligatory by urban settlement. New York has the world’s first underground park, The Lowline, located in the west side of Manhattan. 

The town comprises a number of animal species. Eighty species of fish, eight hundred birds from the falcon to the columbiform bird, out of which two hundred and seventy-five can be spotted in the parks itself. Mammals are spotted roaming in the outskirts of the city such as the raccoon and occasionally urban coyotes. 

Vegetation has been reduced and destroyed with the advance of urban areas. The dominant characteristics of up to date town plants are their ability to thrive despite air pollution and survive acid rains. However, the city’s two botanical gardens, one within the Bronx and the other in Brooklyn, are extremely regarded throughout the country. In New York, the most wild orchids, as much as fifty-eight, can be found. And zoos in each borough enchant guests of all ages.




In a town that embraces amendment as its primary tradition. At the tip of the twentieth century, representatives of some two hundred national teams were counted among its individuals. Whereas individuals of European ancestry still form up one-third of the population, Hispanics account for nearly one-third and African Americans one-fourth. The Statue of Liberty, quite a century after its dedication within the harbor (1886), continues to be the foremost powerful image of the town because it welcomes newcomers into the city’s “golden door.”  France gifted The Statue of Liberty to the US. 


The seal of the town, adopted in 1686, includes the beaver and therefore the flour barrel, pictures that document the primary major part of Manhattan’s economic history. The shipping enterprise has continually characterized the big apple. Banking began in Manhattan in 1784 once the Bank of New York opened. Shipping and finance secured New York’s international standing, however producing provided jobs for its swarming population.

By the start of the 20th century, New York was the headquarters for over two-third of the highest American companies. By perpetually enhancing its key economic benefits, New York has remained prosperous when it underwent modification. Its strength lying in its diversity.



The cultural attraction generated by New York is Manhattan. For quite a century, gifted however unrecognized artists from each part of the world and nation have gravitated to a town they feel is their mystical home. A gentle stream of the cultural elite flows toward the metropolis and creates an electric atmosphere. Undoubtedly culture is business in New York. No town within the country has additional establishments and people dedicated to serving its demands. The Metropolitan museum of Art (1870) is the most visited town museums.

Ever since the 1890s Broadway has been the theatrical center of the country because of the “Great White Way”. Manhattan conjointly offers free Shakespeare in Central Park, for discount seekers. In each borough native teams provide additional performances than anyone will attend.



Thus, New York is a city that makes you dream and helps you make those dreams come true. It is full of opportunities for the new  talent. It is the city that never sleeps. From serene parks and zoos, to peaceful museums and libraries, to raving night-life. New York offers you the complete package. 

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