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Walnuts are great for your heart, brain, and your bones, so let’s show them some respect. They may not be as popular as almonds or peanuts, but they’ve literally been around for almost 10,000 years. The Walnut Marketing Board established National Walnut Day in the 1950s, and we are celebrating it on May 17 ever since. Today, go to the marketplace, buy some walnuts with their shells, grab a nutcracker, and get going. Gift some candied walnuts to your near and dear ones today. You can also make a walnut cocktail, Nocino. Enjoy some of your favorite walnut recipes like Black Walnut Cake, English Walnut Pie, or Pasta with Creamy Garlic and Walnut Sauce.

These nuts are like chameleons in the kitchen. They can be eaten roasted or raw, pickled or candied, baked into pies, cakes, and cookies, added to a wide range of cereals, tossed onto ice-cream, used in pesto and other sauces, and processed into oils and nut butters. The shells of walnuts are crushed for use as landscape mulch; and the abrasive quality of ground walnut shells also makes them useful in cleaning products. Ink is also made from walnut husks. Walnuts can be reduced to heal wounds, freshen breath, and reduce inflammation. Here’s a fun fact: A walnut tree can live as long as 250 years. Walnuts are the oldest known tree food. They date back to 7000 B.C. No doubt, walnuts are a nutritional powerhouse with a full-fledged combination of Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, Magnesium, Protein, Fiber, and antioxidants.


This special day celebrates the constant evolution of one of the most important factors of our lives: communication. The main goal of recognizing this day is to highlight the importance of communication and how information travels across the world. The main goal of World Telecommunications Day is to highlight the importance of communication and how information travels across the world. This day aims to increase awareness of how crucial communication is in our lives.

The World Telecommunications Day is in tight connections with the International Telegraph Union (ITU), the committee formed in 1865 to support the emerging communication methods of the time. Although it’s an old one, but it still remains the most important entity in the field of communications who witnessed the invention of the telephone in 1876, the launch of the first satellite in 1957, and, ultimately, the birth of the Internet in the 60s. You can use this day to look at the different benefits ICT has had on economies and societies, as well as looking for ways to keep bridging the digital divide.

World Telecommunications Day has been celebrated every year since the 17th of May in 1969. This date has been chosen because it is the same date as when the International Telegraph Union was founded. Every year, there are events that occur around the globe in order to celebrate this day with a topical theme. In March 2006, the UN General Assembly resolved that World Information Society Day would happen annually on the 17th of May. Nevertheless, later in the same year, it was determined in Antalya, Turkey, at the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference that both celebrations would be combined as the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, which a lot of people shorten to WTISD. The first theme to celebrate World Communications Day in 1969 was the ITU: Get to know the ITU. It will be fun to discover some great themes during the course of time. Read about the people who have had a massive impact on the telecommunications and technology industry.

Finally, the work is not over when it comes to telecommunications and this special day. There are a lot of rural and remote areas that are not able to access the telecommunications that we are. Of course, third-world countries do not have access to the same level of technology that we do. It is certainly worth looking into the different projects that are going on around the world. You may even be able to sign-up to a project so that you can contribute, whether this means making a donation, donating your time, or spreading the word.


These foodie days are a great source of fun in our life. Most probably, every person around the world has deep, unconditional love for some of the other baked stuff like brownies, cookies, cupcakes, tortes, bread or cakes. No matter, what you do to celebrate this day, just make it deliciously unforgettable. World Baking Day was created by the folks over at, who decided that it was high time to spread the joy of baking all around the world, especially to those who perhaps don’t bake too often and are not particularly experienced at it. The first sandwich in existence was made by the first bakers in Jordon, who created flatbreads and then wrapped it around the meat. Baking went commercial in the United Kingdom, by the Middle Ages, with many trading regulations and rules governing how to bake and sell bread. Technology has helped in upgrading ovens time to time making baking easier and allowing mass production.

On this World Baking Day, grab the apron and start baking cakes, pies, pastries or cupcakes or anything you like, of your favorite flavor. If you don’t want to bake, visit a local bakery and why not invite some friends over for a baking party? Enjoy the sweetness of this day to the fullest.

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