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Mythbusters of COVID-19

The World Health Organisation has acknowledged the global health emergency on March 11, 2020, while pronouncing the pandemic caused by a novel coronav

The World Health Organisation has acknowledged the global health emergency on March 11, 2020, while pronouncing the pandemic caused by a novel coronavirus, known as SARS-CoV-2, originated from Wuhan, China. Since then, all the continents excluding Antarctica are combatting the COVID-19, but the blowout is irrepressible yet.

Faster the spread of novel coronavirus, and fastest the spread of rumors. It becomes essential to be suspicious of the myths for struggling alongside the COVID-19 and shielding yourself. Numerous myths prevalent about COVID-19 have been smashed on the basis of the reports of WHO. The following are some Mythbusters of COVID-19:

MYTH 1: Cold Weather accelerates the penetration of coronavirus

FACT: According to WHO, the COVID-19 virus can spread in hot and humid climates, and hence it is essential to maintain a physical distance of at least 1 meter from others to protect yourself.

The WHO further claims that snow and low temperature cannot eradicate COVID-19. Regardless of external temperature, the usual temperature of the human body remains around 36.5° C to 37° C.


MYTH 2: Hot bath thwarts COVID-19

FACT: Like the usual human body temperature remains around 36.5° C to 37° C, the temperature of the shower would not prevent you from catching the COVID-19 virus.



MYTH 3: Onion and Garlic destroys COVID-19 virus

FACT: Both onion and Garlic are healthy foods with some antimicrobial properties. But, WHO denies the evidence of Garlic and onion protecting people from the COVID-19.




MYTH 4: Lemon prevents COVID-19

FACT: Lemon is a recommended food item rich in Vitamin C. There is no substantiation of lemon killing the virus somewhat Vitamin C helps in boosting the immunity of the body. The higher the immunity, the lower the likelihood of infection.



MYTH 5: Kids can not catch the COVID-19

FACT: According to WHO, the COVID-19 can infect people of all ages. The baby in the womb or immediately after the birth got infected by COVID-19 in Wuhan. More such cases are prevailing across the globe. However, older people already suffering from some medical issues like heart diseases, lung diseases, asthma, diabetes, etc. are more susceptible to COVID-19.



MYTH 6: Hand dryer can destroy the COVID-19 virus

FACT: According to some researches, to kill the coronavirus, one should frequently use water and soap or alcohol-based sanitizer to clean hands. Dry your hands with towels or air dryer after cleaning.




MYTH 7: Non-vegetarians can catch coronavirus infections

FACT: There is no evidence of coronavirus being present in non-vegetarian meals that can transfer from animals to humans, nonetheless the COVID-19 virus belongs to the group of zoonotic diseases.



MYTH 8: Wearing masks prevent catching COVID-19 virus

FACT: Masks act as a shield of protection but does not assure the prevention of the COVID-19 virus. There are probabilities of catching infection when you touch your mask for adjusting after touching the infected surface.




MYTH 9: An infected woman should not breastfeed

FACT: According to WHO, the child would not catch infection through breastfeeding, somewhat it would help in heightening the immunity of a child. It would help the child getting protection against illness due to the mother already being contacted with the virus.


MYTH 10: Spraying sanitizers, chlorine or alcohol on the skin would disinfect the body

FACT: These chemicals can help disinfecting surfaces but cannot kill the virus within the body. Conversely, these chemicals may damage the human body, including eyes and ears.



MYTH 11: COVID-19 resembles flu

FACT: Symptoms caused by the COVID-19 virus such as fever, cough, aches, tiredness, breathlessness, etc. are similar to the symptoms of any flu. Both flu and COVID-19 can lead to pneumonia and have mild symptoms to fatal.




MYTH 12: Recovery from COVID-19 is impossible

FACT: There are different stages of infection, resulting in a different treatment. In the mild symptoms, one can even take prescriptions on a telephone call. The disease is fatal only in severe cases. According to WHO, over 80% of people show mild symptoms and get cured. Comparatively, the recovery rate is as high as 70%, whereas the death rate remains at 3% across the globe.


MYTH 13: SARS-CoV-2 is a mutated form of influenza or common cold

FACTS: Findings show that SARS-CoV-2 is not a modified form of influenza or common cold though it belongs to the family of viruses causing numerous diseases. It resembles other coronaviruses that use humans as their primary hosts and cause the common cold. SARS-CoV-2 primarily infect animals like bats.


MYTH 14: Gargling with bleach can prevent COVID-19

FACT: People should consider it as awareness or warning that human beings should never gargle using bleach as it is corrosive and can seriously damage health. There is no proof of bleach killing the COVID-19 virus.



MYTH 15: Rinse nose with saline to kill COVID-19 virus

FACT: The saline is proven to help people recovering quickly from the cold in some cases, but there is no evidence of rinsing the nose with saline to protect yourself from novel coronavirus.



MYTH 16: Antibiotics kill COVID-19 virus

FACT: COVID-19 is a disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus and not a bacteria. Antibiotics are useful in killing bacteria and not viruses. Though you can be given antibiotics in the hospital to prevent bacterial co-infection.




MYTH 17: No vaccine can prevent COVID-19

FACT: Continuous efforts and trials are being made on vaccines by numerous countries, but there is no such vaccine available currently. WHO is one of its statements asked people to learn to live with the virus. But simultaneously, some reports are suggesting the ongoing developments of a vaccine to be completed within six months.


MYTH 18: 5G mobile network spread COVID-19

FACT: According to some researches, there are no shreds of evidence of viruses traveling on radio waves or mobile networks. The disease is spread through respiratory droplets in the countries devoid of the 5G network.




MYTH 19: Thermal scanners detect COVID-19

FACT: According to WHO, thermal scanners can help in detecting the fever, which is one of the symptoms of COVID-19. But, it does not necessarily mean the person got infected with the novel coronavirus.



MYTH 20: Hydroxychloroquine benefits in treating COVID-19

FACT: According to some studies, Hydroxychloroquine does not clinically treat the disease caused by a novel coronavirus. However, it is beneficial for treating malaria, lupus erythematosus, and rheumatoid arthritis. Researches are being carried, but it cannot help COVID-19 patients as per recent data.

We, at Brag Social, are spreading information to curb the rumors related to the novel coronavirus. For containing this pandemic, it is rudimentary to take appropriate measures and precautions when numerous people are suffering due to myths about COVID-19. The anxiety due to wrong and incredible information about the disease may worsen the current pandemic by associating other medical issues. The correct information could help you prevent the COVID-19.


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