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Museums have been one of the most educational places around the world from its inception. It is amazing to have a place that’s intriguing and educational at the same time. But, ironically people having direct access to such places refrain from going there. 

History of the Day

Thus, to make people more and more aware of the beauty of museums the International Council of Museums created Museum Day in 1977. And, each year a new theme is coordinated and it is celebrated widely. Every year all museums across the world are invited to take part in Museum Day and profess the importance of museums. 

How to celebrate 

Museums have gained momentum at a rapid rate and the best way to celebrate this day is to take a quick visit to our nearest museum. And if you feel the museums in your place don’t interest you as some museum far away. Just take a day trip there. It will be a holiday spent well. 


The stigma around HIV AIDS hasn’t died down as of now, but the awareness also remains low in many places. Thus, 18 MAY every year World AIDS Vaccine Day is observed which is also known as HIV Vaccine Awareness Day. The day recognizes all the volunteers, health professionals, community members, and others who work together to find a safe and effective HIV vaccine. The objective of the day remains to remind everyone of the immediate need for a vaccine. 

History of the Day

This day saw its inception when Bill Clinton the then president of the US proposed the idea in his commencement speech in the year 1997. Then on starting from 1998 every year on the anniversary of that speech this day is observed. The day is organized by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases every year. 

How to celebrate 

This day is observed by telling the world about the importance of a preventive vaccine and how it is highly necessary at present. With the socially and economically backward classes being prone to the disease, a vaccine becomes necessary. Online awareness campaign and educating others about the importance of the day is the best way to celebrate the day.



Relatives are an integral part of our lives. Family dinner, get-togethers are what we have always looked forward to. With our busy lives and hurried up schedules we often find little to no time in meeting our family. But, today is a day especially to celebrate visiting our relatives. 


Cultures and religions around the world, always propose the importance of family and the reasons to be close to one’s family. Families and relatives become a strong influence on every decision we make and become the support system when the most required. Thus, a special day for them was coined.

How to celebrate 

In the present scenario, where there’s a worldwide lockdown going on and people advised to maintain social distancing for safety reasons, going out and visiting our loved ones should be avoided. But, that does not mean the celebrations must take a back seat. We can celebrate it from our homes, staying safe inside. We can plan group video calls and have a virtual meeting. You can play all sorts of games online with your families and spend the day together. 


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