Michigan gov. extends state of emergency another month

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Michigan gov. extends state of emergency another month

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After the rally of hundreds of protesters that descended in the state Capitol building, Governor Gretchen Whitmer has extended the state of emergency and disaster declaration in Michigan through May 28, a couple of hours before its supposed deadline. She also said that by refusing to extend the state of emergency, Republican lawmakers would be putting the lives and livelihoods of many more and she would not let that happen.

Condition of Michigan:

As of Thursday, Michigan has recorded 41,379 COVID-19 cases and 3,789 deaths.

Back story:

Earlier, hundreds of protesters- some of whom were armed with rifles- gathered in the state Capitol building in Lansing to demonstrate their disagreement and displeasure from the Democratic governor and to voice their frustration over business closure and stay-at-home orders. They accused her of overstepping her mandates by banning travel and prohibiting sales like garden supplies by the stay-at-home orders and demanded a return to normal life.

Another rally called “Operation Gridlock” took place on April 15th that involved thousands of protesters that gathered outside the Capitol and Whitmer’s home. Many nationwide demonstrations have been happening as the Americans are concerned about their livelihoods.

Reaction of people:

The emergency declaration gives additional executive order power to Whitmer. On Thursday, the Senate and the state House came up with resolutions to legally oppose her by challenging her mandates and approved a bill to allow some of her decisions but not the stay-at-home order that was supposed to expire on May 16th. As of Thursday night, no lawsuit has been filed.

In reply to this, Whitmer has made it clear that she would not sign any bill that restrains her from protecting the people of Michigan from the lethal virus. She also added that scientific data shows that the state is not ready to resume the normal state just yet.

On Wednesday, the Michigan Court of Claims has sided with Whitmer by denying a preliminary injunction to the order and informing that the stay-at-home order is not considered as the violation of the constitutional rights of the residents.


Source: Fox News



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