May 15th- War of Spanish and more

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May 15th- War of Spanish and more

Let's see what all happened on 15 May in History

1701 The War of Spanish Succession begins This war was a European conflict of the early 18th century, triggered by the death of the childless Charl

1701 The War of Spanish Succession begins

This war was a European conflict of the early 18th century, triggered by the death of the childless Charles II of Spain in November 1700, the last Habsburg monarch of Spain. By the end of 1706, the French had been forced back to their borders but the Allies could not break their lines, while lack of popular support in Spain meant they could not hold territory outside Catalonia.

1820 The U.S. Congress designates the slave trade a form of piracy

The act of 1819 is an Act to protect the commerce of the United States and punish the crime of piracy, the United States federal statute against piracy. This act was amended in 1820 to declare the activity of participating in the slave trade or robbing a ship to be piracy as well.

1928 Mickey Mouse makes his 1st ever appearance in the silent film “Plane Crazy”

Plane Crazy was a short animated film directed by Walt Disney and UI Iwerks released in 1928. It was made as a silent film and given a test screening to a theater audience on May 15, 1928, but failed to pick up a distributor.  Later, Plane Crazy was released as a sound cartoon on May 17, 1929.

1930 Ellen Church becomes the first airline stewardess

Born on 22 September, 1904, Ellen Church was the first female flight attendant. The airlines were not interested in hiring a woman pilot; in fact, they weren’t convinced that women could do any job aboard a plane. She recommended women can be hired as nurses to perform some of the tasks then handled by co-pilots. As stated by, “Officials with Boeing Air Transport, the predecessor of United Airlines, went for her pitch and agreed to hire eight women, conditionally, for a three-month experiment. On this day, May 15, in 1930, Church and seven others began their first day of work as the country’s first flight attendants.”

1940 Richard and Maurice McDonald opened the 1st McDonald’s restaurant in San Bernardino, California

The world’s largest chain of fast-food restaurants that serve around 68 million customers each day in 119 countries presently began operations in 1940 as a barbecue restaurant, run by the McDonald brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald at 1398 North E Street at West 14th Street in San Bernardino, California. The original restaurant was named “McDonald’s Famous Barbeque” and served over forty barbecued items.

1942 The United States began rationing gasoline

On this day, 8 million motorists in 17 states of the US East Coast registered for gas ration cards, and rationing began on the East Coast on July 22, 1942. This was an attempt to help the American war effort during World War II. This was due to the decreasing gasoline deliveries in seventeen Eastern states. There was a gasoline shortage in the US East Coast.

1958 Sputnik III is launched by the Soviet Union

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics launched the third artificial satellite of the Earth. Sputnik III was designed to be a true scientific laboratory, whereas the two previous Soviet orbiters had been propelled into space primarily for political considerations. It was launched from the launch pad at the Baykonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

1963 Mercury-Atlas 9 carrying Gordon Cooper, is launched

The last Project Mercury space flight, Mercury-Atlas 9 spent 34 hours circling Earth in the Faith 7 capsule. Gordon Cooper flew on the last Mercury mission. Gordon Cooper became the last to fly in Mercury and made its longest flight, and also flew a Gemini mission.

1988 Soviets forces begin their withdrawal from Afghanistan

USSR began withdrawing its 115,000 troops from Afghanistan. The final and complete withdrawal of Soviet combatant forces from Afghanistan began on 15 May 1988 and ended on 15 February 1989 under the leadership of Colonel-General Boris Gromov.


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