Maritime – Marines And The Shipping Industry

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The term Maritime means to be connected with sea in relation to sea-borne trades and naval matters. World Maritime day is celebrated on 24th September

The term Maritime means to be connected with sea in relation to sea-borne trades and naval matters. World Maritime day is celebrated on 24th September to ensure maritime security, safety of the marine environment and shipping. The marines, maritime trades and the shipping industry is closely related with the welfare of the maritime environment. Let us read to know more about the Marines and the shipping industry.

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Who are Marines?

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Marines are a naval infantry force that specializes in the support of naval and army operations at sea, on land and air along with the execution of their operations and is closely related to the maritime environment. Many countries, the marines are considered to be an integral part of the state’s navy. While in others marines fall under the department of the Navy yet operates independently. The Marine is one of the elite forces in the world that operate in close cooperation with the Naval forces. They serve on naval ships, protect naval bases, guard US embassies and are ever ready to protect the US interests anywhere in the world by providing a quick strike force whenever necessary.

What do the Marines do?

The principal role of the marine troops is to serve in military operations in the littoral zones. Operating from ships, they are trained to land on and secure at-least 50 miles around the land/island or as far as the ship logistics can provide. Primarily the marines deploy from warships using landing crafts, boats, hovercraft, amphibious vehicles and helicopters and are trained in combat driving, swimming and parachuting. Apart from these operations, marines have a variety of naval roles, like being stationed at the naval bases, forming marine detachments on board naval ships, along with small scale raiding. They also look after the Maritime Boarding operations, the security of Naval vessels and bases and are in-charge of the riverine and coastal missions, mess duty and field operations. Their other services include special operations and land warfare which is separate from the Naval operations. Marines are also directed by the government to perform various ceremonial duties and miscellaneous tasks as and when required.

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The Marine environment and Shipping

Shipping transports about 95% of the global trade and is the least environmentally damaging mode of transport when its productive value is taken into consideration. Shipping which is set against the land-based industry is a comparatively minor contributor to marine pollution from human activities. The International Maritime Organization is mainly concerned about the marine ecosystem and its safety. The IMO has taken measures to reduce pollution and to illustrate the commitment of the Organization and the shipping industry towards protecting the environment. 

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Cargo ships are designed to carry goods, cargo and materials from one port to another that are often being equipped with cranes and other mechanisms to load and unload, and they come in all sizes. The freighter ships or the merchant ships carriers ply the world’s seas and oceans each year, handling the bulk of international trade. 

Perhaps, shipping is one of the most important of all the world’s greatest industries as well as the most dangerous. By developing international regulations that are followed by all shipping nations, the safety at sea is ensured. Seafarers, as well as international conventions and codes relating to search and rescue, the facilitation of international maritime traffic, load lines, the carriage of dangerous goods and tonnage measurement, have adopted international collision regulations and global standards, developed by the IMO.

Working towards sustainable socio-economic development and enhancement of marine environment protection will ultimately result in cleaner waters and coasts, which will increase tourism, greater access to protein through improved and uncontaminated fish catches and integrated coastal zone management.

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