Managing COVID 19 Stress

The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone. Along with physical health, our mental health has also been affected by the rising fear and stress due to the COVID 19 situation around us. And, coping with it, is the ultimate aim. Here are a few ways you can adopt.

Our mind is like a balloon, and it might burst if we keep on filling it with thoughts. Let us give our minds room to breathe, and share what you feel with the people you trust. Sharing concerns would help you, rejuvenate and relax a little.

The news channels do not always bring to us the best news around the world. Some things might disappoint us, and we need not dwell in the negativity. This would take only one step from us. Just, switch off all your gadgets and find some solace in things you love doing.

Pampering ourselves is the best way to calm our body and mind. Take to meditation whenever you feel like, eat the proper food, and the food you love regularly. When you put effort into your body, your mind stays happy too.

To know more about dealing with stress and anxeity, read our article ‘How to deal with anxeity and stress while infected with Covid 19′. 

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