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Parents all around the world want their children to attend the best university out there, and students also want the best that the world can offer to them. Well, the world is a humongous place, yet the top universities are mostly situated in one country; the USA. Now the obvious choice of top universities is the IV Leagues which are known for their elitism in sports. But that should not be the only criteria considered before enrollment. Before joining any college or university, think about the academic structure, the expenses of study and living, placement percent, alumni reach, the ranking of courses applied for, acceptance rate, campus location, campus size, and population.

How to choose the right college

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Ideally, while choosing colleges, one should take a look at all the important factors to avoid any future problems. But if you are in a hurry, or missed some dates, the best and fastest decision-maker should be to check the cost of tuition and living and the course ranking as per college and country. The benefits you ask? Obviously, you would rather go to a lower-ranked college, yet having a higher course rank. At the end of the day, what you study should be in-depth and meaningful.

The ideal bachelor’s degree is a four-year course while any master’s degree is a 2-3 year course. During the course of their studies, students pursue one major two depending on the respective collective credits. Students study core subjects for communication and skill development. Apart from this they also have the freedom to take up any other electives to have an outreach to other elements of the world.

Dream College VS Priority

Let us start with the most obvious dream schools; The IVs: Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, The University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, and Yale University. The tuition cost on average is around $58,000 per year and in a growing. In addition to this, the living and other expenses come to around $15,000 per year. If you are a computer major, or medical sciences or social sciences, these colleges are your best bet.

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An opportunity cost or the line of best fit

Now onto the next dream school category; MIT, Stanford, UCB, NYU, University of Chicago, Duke University, University of Southern California, Northwestern University, Rice University, Boston University, University of Michigan, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Washington, University of Texas, UCLA, Johns Hopkins University, Caltech, Georgetown University, the University of Texas at Austin. These non-IV league colleges come under the top 25 ranked according to the QS Rankings. Based on the obvious number of these colleges, almost all courses offered by them are top-rated ones. The top courses being business management, engineering, social sciences, and computers. The average tuition cost is around $57,000 per year. The average living cost is around $13,000-$14,000.

What makes the top 25 Universities the finest 

These top 25 universities are the best not only because of their academic structure. The alumni circle, fellow peers, faculty, and extracurriculars taken up during the time spent in college also make a graduate topnotch, indirectly making the college respectable too. How does that work? A very plain and straight forward answer is that the skill that the pass outs and graduates gain while in college are such that they not only make the student an expert in their chosen field but also teach them the importance of adaptability to changes and new technology. Let us take the pandemic as an example. Those who were able to quickly analyze the impending doom dodged it by adapting to online services or the web of the internet. By doing so, they not only utilized their skills but also gained new skills.

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Legacies passed on

On average, there is a 95% graduation rate per year for these top 25 universities with 491,000 students graduating. Some go for higher studies such as a master’s or a Ph.D., while some join the best of firms. These students are not necessarily from the US, they are from all around the world. These same graduates go on and make serious impacts on the world, for example, Sheryl  Sandberg, Mary T. Barra, and Tim Cook who all have a major impact in the fields of technology, software, and mechanics. This shows that the names of these top 25 universities are not just for namesake. Every year they produce capable, talented, and enthusiastic adults who have the ability and courage to work hard and bring significant helpful changes for the world.


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