Latest Fashion Trends post COVID-19

Change is the new normal in Fashion

‘ If you are what you wear, you better dress the part you want.’ Ideally, fashion is the most powerful art there is. It is movement, design, and

‘ If you are what you wear, you better dress the part you want.’

Ideally, fashion is the most powerful art there is. It is movement, design, and architecture all clubbed in one genre. It shows the world who we are and who we would want to be. Clothes, accessories, jewelry, and shoes have been inspired from the looks of classic leading ladies to the different aspects of a city, fashion has ventured it all from tradition and culture of different countries and cities to taking inspiration from evergreen divas to even considering nature and its habitat as its muse.

Photo by Retha Ferguson from Pexels

Photo by Retha Ferguson from Pexels

Coronavirus and Fashion not so hand in hand!

If things had been normal, usually this was the time when the perfect summer wardrobe was systematized for the out-and-out sunny weather and far-flung holidays. Alternatively, we are confined to lockdown restrictions due to the fatal coronavirus outbreak. The pandemic has led to the rapid decrease of clothing sales by 34% earlier in march, which almost is equivalent to the world’s population that is unable to travel abroad or even socialize for that matter.

The coronavirus outbreak has inconceivably impacted the fashion industry in a pessimistic way that has led to low production cost, halting in production with retailers being closed along with plummeted demand and supply.

According to Imran Amed, the founder and CEO of the business of Fashion, a leading industry website, this outbreak has led to an existential crisis in the fashion industry. Although most of the brands have opted for the virtual platform, the industry still is dependent on physical retail as 80% of transactions happen in physical stores.

Brands like Gap and H&M, for instance, have been offering and promoting mid-season sales, while comfort-wear items such as jogging bottoms and leggings that people are likely to need at home are promoted at discounts by Uniqlo. A 70 % increase in the sales of loungewear has been reported by Browns in London.

September’s Fashion Weeks that was supposed to go ahead in London, Paris, New York, and Milan are now in ambiguity and standstill due to this pandemic but there is potential that these fashion weeks might take a different turn this year. Rumour has it, designers could broadcast fashion shows online keeping the social distancing measures in mind. The very popular and famed Met Gala, organized by the Vogue was effectively moved online where people were encouraged to recreate their favorite red carpet looks at home with Billy Porter, an American actor and singer, initiating the #MetGalaChallenge.


Change is the new normal!

As the world is being accustomed to the new normal, people are letting go of their well-fitted sweatpants, slipping into a face mask and are up and coming from their remote swaddles to deal 2020 in a better and safer way. Now, what trends do the retailers need to offer the moving forward population, as their needs evolve?

The coronavirus impact has created a demand in the fashion landscape retailers will be focussing on comfort, safety, and protection more than the usual. It will be crucial for retailers to survive in this new era of merchandise where fashion products do not go off but many go out of style.

Here are some latest trends in fashion which currently lies and the direction it will take post COVID-19

  • Masks, Gloves, and PPE – are the statement this season.

The surgical masks and gloves are an important weapon now in our arsenals. Earlier when we used to step out of our houses, the ‘not to forget list’ included keys, wallets, and cellphones. Well now, and in future, masks are an addition, an essential one, to the ‘not to forget list.’ The incorporation of masks have been predominantly become a new part of our clothing.

Designers from all over the world are working on creating innovative yet comfortable masks, with inspired prints and designs along with the use of vibrant colors, hence creating something essential yet keeping the style quotient in mind.

  • Tracksuits, Polo T-shirts, and color-blocking – are back this fall.

The supply chains are broken and fashion calendars are unkempt. This coronavirus outbreak has brought the fashion industry to a standstill. Tracksuits and Polo T-shirts will be a major throwback this season. The economic recession has been a great reminder of what basics and minimalism mean. Sporty and activewear will just be an add on to the new normal wardrobe and are bound to pick up momentum. People who are eager for professional sports to return will resonate well with sporty styles and health freaks will load their wardrobes with activewear.

  • Antibacterial fabrics in high demand

Cotton and linen are so in and so is the demand for antibacterial fabrics. Unlike synthetic fabrics, antibacterial fabrics inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi and keeps the skin free from germs. These fabrics are quite essential in this current worldwide crisis and will be in high demand in the years to come as well. Be it activewear, outdoor gear, formals, or the basic garment, everything and everyone needs antibacterial fabrics as lockdown measures adhere to ease and hygiene.

  • Unrestricted Silhouettes and Loungewear are welcomed with pride

The concept of ‘less is more’ will no longer be a statement for a while in the fashion landscape. Silhouettes will be more in demand as they are comfortable, soft, and also add a classic factor in fashion. Whereas loungewear will be adapted more because they are relaxed fundamental clothing that has replaced some of the impractical, uncomfortable work attires. Pajamas, loose and baggy t-shirts are indeed forgiving, and have taken over the fashion statements in this new normal.

  • Bold textures, colors and prints will be back on the streets

As a statement of post coronavirus/confinement celebration, unique prints and versatile color coordination will be found around the different corners of the world via masks. Although, pastels and denims will be the go-to outfit, bold textures, intriguing graphics on t-shirts will be a trend in power dressing.

With Economic recession and high rates of unemployment, customers will be seen spending less money and more time at home, thereby contributing to the rise of home wears like luxury pajamas, lightweight fabrics, and knitted polos along with short sleeve shirts. Even after this pandemic subsides and we reach the other half of 2020 hopefully a better one, people might have a different perspective for fashion.

So, this season is all about back to basics!

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