June 26 – U.N. Charter and more

Welcome to another bright day in June. There’s always something or the other happening around the world. The world, being so large, has witnessed infinite inventions, innovations, achievements, and other milestones in the past. You can do something amazing today, and maybe it is something that we write about in Today in History in the coming years. We, at Brag Social, try to keep you updated with all the happenings of the past and present. Let’s read about the historical milestones of June 26:

1804: The Lewis and Clark Expedition reached the mouth of the Kansas River after completing a westward trek of nearly 400 river miles

The Lewis and Clark Expedition, also known as the Corps of Discovery Expedition, began on August 31, 1803, and lasted till September 25, 1806. Pittsburgh was recognized as the starting point of the expedition. This expedition was carried out to cross the newly acquired western portion of the country after the Louisiana Purchase.

1844: Julia Gardiner and President John Tyler were married in New York City

The tenth President of the United States, John Tyler married Julia Gardiner on June 26, 1844. She was the second wife of John Tyler and served as the First Lady of the United States from June 26, 1844, to March 4, 1845. They both were introduced on January 20, 1842, at a White House reception.

1945: The U.N. Charter was signed by 50 nations in San Francisco, California

The Charter of the United States was signed on June 26, 1945, at the conclusion of the United Nations Conference on International Organization, which is commonly known as the San Francisco Conference, as it was held there. It was a convention of delegates from 50 Allied Nations.

1963: President John Kennedy announced “Ich bin ein Berliner” at the Berlin Wall

The words “Ich bin ein Berliner” mean “I am a Berliner”. This was a speech delivered by the former President of the United States John F. Kennedy. The speech was given on June 26, 1963, in West Berlin and is regarded as the best-known speech of the Cold War and the most famous anti-communist speech.

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