June 21: International Yoga Day and more

Every day comes with a new opportunity to celebrate and enjoy. Let us read about June 21: International Yoga Day and more



Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines. It is believed to be originated in ancient India. Yoga is one of the best and oldest ways to release physical and mental tension. The benefits of Yoga have been identified by the Western World for years. International Yoga Day was officially declared by the United States General Assembly on December 11, 2014.

The date chosen on which to celebrate International Yoga Day, June 21st, is also of great significance, as it is Summer Solstice and marks the transition to Dakshinayana. So far, more than 170 countries worldwide have shown their support for this day. The benefits of Yoga are uncountable. If you have not tried yoga ever in your life, this is the day to make a start and bring a positive change to your life, not only a change but a transformation. There are events organized on this day worldwide. Look for some events which suit your time and get started.


It is psychologically proven that music has a heavy impact on our emotions and our behavior. Music speaks to the heart and soul of an individual like nobody else does.  Music can weave stories along with preaching messages; it can be a therapist along with being a loving friend. Thus, music is an integral part of all our lives. World Music Day celebrates music in all its forms and origins and its impact on the world and the human spirit. The first Music Day was celebrated in 1985.

Today, set your music on fire and dance like nobody is watching. Spend the day listening to all your old favorites. Set yourself on an adventure of music exploring different cultures of music around the world. Another way of celebrating World Music Day is to pick an instrument and start adding our own voice to the choir. Every type of musician, whether you are young, old, and new or a seasoned professional can embrace world music day with friends, family, and even strangers.


World Motorcycle Day is a way to celebrate the historical vehicle which has multiple benefits and is useful for everyone. The first motorcycle was created in 1860 by Pierre Michaux in Paris. This motorcycle was powered by steam. The first internal combustion-powered motorcycle was seen in 1885. This was a revolutionary innovation as it became a popular form of conveyance and a source of doing many things.

Today, motorcycles are used for a list of applications like delivery, driving, recreation, passenger conveyance, and even just daily commuting.  Celebrate this day with a long ride on your bike with your friends and enjoy the freedom on the road.


Today is the day to tell him how much he means to you, how important he is, and let me know that you are incomplete without the hero of your life, your father. It’s easy to be mean, but, it’s not easy to be a father. This special day has its origins in medieval Europe, when Catholics dedicated a day to honor fathers, fatherhood, and all paternal relationships. It is celebrated on different dates around the world, for example, March 19 in Spain and the first Sunday of September in New Zealand.

Have a family day today, gift him with objects of appreciation; handmade gifts are the best of all. Fathers are one of the best teachers and a source of true inspiration. There is a lot you can do today along with making him feel appreciated and special. Talk to him and make him realize how important he is for you and the family.

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