June 3 – Berlin Peace Treaty and more


June 3 – Berlin Peace Treaty and more

In Italy, women get the right to vote

Welcome to another bright day in June. There’s always something or the other happening around the world. The world, being so large, has witnessed infinite inventions, innovations, achievements, and other milestones in the past. You can do something amazing today, and maybe it is something that we write about in “Today in History” in the coming years. We, at ‘Brag Social’, try to keep you updated with all the happenings of the past and present. Let’s read about the historical milestones of June 3.

1918: Berlin Peace Treaty

The Finnish Parliament ratified a treaty with Germany, known as the Berlin Peace Treaty that ended the state of war that existed between Finland and the German Empire as a result of World War I. This event paved the way for German intervention in the Finnish Civil War and the invasion of Åland.

1923: In Italy, the dictator Benito Mussolini grants women the right to vote

Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini was an Italian politician and journalist who was the leader of the National Fascist Party. He was the prime minister of Italy under Victor Emmanuel III of Italy, from 1922 until 1943, when he was overthrown; rescued by German commandos, he then became the leader of the Italian Social Republic from 1943 until his summary execution by members of the Italian resistance in 1945. Women’s suffrage, the right of women to vote, has been achieved at various times in countries throughout the world like Italy achieved in 1923.

1965: Astronaut Edward White becomes the first American to walk in space when he exits the Gemini 4 space capsule

On this day in 1965, Edward H. White II emerged from the orbital spacecraft Gemini 4 and became the first American astronaut to walk in space. Born on 14 November 1930, Edward Higgins White II was an American aeronautical engineer, U.S. Air Force officer, test pilot, and NASA astronaut. After graduating from West Point in 1952 with a Bachelor of Science degree, he was sent to flight training and assigned to the 22nd Fighter Day Squadron at Bitburg Air Base, West Germany.

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