June 18 – First Insurance Policy and moreCreated by Riya Gupta


June 18 – First Insurance Policy and more

Two world records on this day in history

Welcome to another bright day in June. There’s always something or the other happening around the world. The world, being so large, has witnessed infi

Welcome to another bright day in June. There’s always something or the other happening around the world. The world, being so large, has witnessed infinite inventions, innovations, achievements, and other milestones in the past. You can do something amazing today, and maybe it is something that we write about in Today in History in the coming years. We, at Brag Social, try to keep you updated with all the happenings of the past and present. Let’s read about the historical milestones of June 18.

1583: First Insurance Policy

Richard Martin of London takes out a first life insurance policy, on William Gibbons; premium was £383. In exchange, he received a death benefit of 400 pounds when Gibbons died.

1682: William Penn founds Philadelphia, US

Born on October 14, 1644, William Penn was a writer and the son of the admiral and politician, Sir William Penn. He was the founder of the English North American colony the Province of Pennsylvania.

1822: Part of US-Canadian boundary determined

The Treaty of Paris 1783 ended the War for American Independence, but created some problems in Lake Superior which were not addressed until the end of the War 1812. By the summer of 1822 when the Boundary Commission finally entered the Lake Superior region, there was a better understanding of the true lay of the land and water, and that part of the boundary was determined.

1872: Women’s Suffrage Convention held at Mercantile Liberty Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Behind this Convention, there were attempts of several confident women who struggled for years to carry out a movement for women’s voting rights. For years, women carried out their own elections by bringing their ballot boxes and voted.

1873: Susan B. Anthony fined $100 for voting for US President

She was a leader of women’s suffrage movement who was arrested for voting in Rochester, New York in the 1872 elections in violation of state laws that allowed only men to vote. Her trial in the court helped make women’s suffrage, a national issue.

1927: Paavo Nurmi runs world record 2000 m: 5:24.6

His full name was Paavo Johannes Nurmi. He was a Finnish middle-distance and long-distance runner. He was nicknamed as “Flying Finn” or the “Phantom Finn”. He was born on June 13, 1897.

1930: Groundbreaking ceremonies for the Franklin Institute held

In 1930, despite the Great Depression, The Franklin Institute and the Poor Richard Club began to seek funds to build a new science museum and memorial hall. $5 million was raised between December 1929 and June 1930.

1983: 1st US woman in space – Sally Ride

7th Shuttle Mission-Challenger 2 launched Sally Ride as 1st US woman in space. She launched with her four crewmates aboard. She joined NASA in 1978. Overall, she was the third woman in space.

1986: Heike Friedrich swims female world record 200 m freestyle (1:57.55)

Born on April 18, 1970, Heike Friedrich is a former freestyle swimmer from East Germany. She won two medals at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. She won 5 gold medals at the age of 15 in the European championships won 4 more in the World Championship when she was 16.

2003: Google launches AdSense

Google AdSense is a program that enables website publishers to serve ads targeted to the specific content of their individual web pages, many of which like to go on to start their own publishing businesses.

2015: Pope Francis blames human selfishness for global warming in his long-awaited encyclical, named “Laudato Si (Be Praised), On the Care of Our Common Home”

With this event, the Pope calls for a radical change in behavior to save the planet for future generations. he urges the rich to change their lifestyles to avert the destruction of the ecosystem. The encyclical aims to inspire everyone to protect the Earth.

2016: Soyuz capsule returns to Earth

1st British International Space Station astronaut Tim Peake, Russian Yuri Malenchenko and American Timothy Kopra returned to Earth after 186 days. it has made more than 140 flights and still remains in service today.

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