June 14 – Flag Day and moreCreated by Riya Gupta


June 14 – Flag Day and more

Flag Day and World Blood Donor Day

Every day comes with new opportunities to stay happy and celebrate. We, at Brag Social, keep you updated with our daily column. Let's read FLAG DAY

Every day comes with new opportunities to stay happy and celebrate. We, at Brag Social, keep you updated with our daily column. Let’s read


Flag Day

June 14 marks a unique day in a unique nation. This day marks the Second Continental Congress’ adoption of the first U.S. national flag. Thanks to Betsy Ross’ sewing prowess, the first flag featured the same 13 red and white stripes we see today.  The number and arrangement of stars, however, has changed as the number of states has increased over the centuries. The current flag has remained the same since 1960. This is a warm-up for the Independence Day – 20 days later.

Here are some events in the history of the country’s flag:

  • June 1776: First American Flag was created
  • 1916: Flag Day recognized: President Woodrow Wilson signed off on establishing June 14 of each year as Flag Day.
  • July 4, 1960: The current U.S. flag was completed: The 50th star, representing Hawaii, created the present flag flown in the country today.
  • July 20, 1969: The first U.S. flag was placed on the moon by Neil Armstrong. Right now, there are six U.S. flags present on the moon.

Celebrated with parades, Flag Day is a great chance to show patriotism and remind oneself that we are united as a country, despite our disagreements.


This day celebrated the unsung heroes of the society, the blood donors, who save lives every day by giving of themselves, so those accident victims and those in need of transfusions for surgeries can live. World Blood Donor Day is a campaign of the World Health Organization. The first event to raise awareness of the importance of blood transfusions took place in 2012. Since then, the WHO has spearheaded campaigns every year.

World Blood Donor Day

The WHO says ‘Blood is an essential resource, not only for urgent interventions but also for planned treatments. World Blood Donor Day, however, doesn’t just focus on getting more volunteers to come forward. It also works to improve methods of collection and delivery. Harvesting blood from a donor and transferring it to a patient is a complex process. The best day to celebrate this day is to go out and give blood. Just a single contribution will help save lives, so get on out there and give.

On December 6, 2013, the largest blood donation drive was held, where 61, 902 participants donated blood all across India. The World Blood Donor Day was created and implemented at the 58th World Health Assembly in May 2005.

World Blood Donor Day is, therefore, one of the most important public health events in the calendar. It affirms the hard work of those early blood transfusion pioneers and encourages people to get out and give!

Some more special days today are Army Birthday, National Children’s Day, Juggling Day, National Bourbon Day, International Bath Day, and Cupcake Day.


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