July 3 – First Dirigible and more

Proceeding into the month of July, we have a lot to learn from the past to improve our future. We, at Brag Social, try to keep you updated with the events of the past through our daily column. So let us gear up to make our day great and create history. Read: July 3 –

1878: John Wise flies the first dirigible in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

John Wise is known for his achievement in the field of balloonists. He made over 400 flights during his lifetime and was responsible for several innovations in balloon design. His balloon, The Jupiter carried 123 letters to make the first official airmail delivery run for the US Post Office in 1859.

1901: The Wild Bunch commits its last American robbery

The Wild Bunch, led by Butch Cassidy, commits its last American robbery near Wagner, Montana, taking $65,000 (equivalent to more than $1,840,000 in 2019) from a Great Northern train. Although the gang split up, a posse led by Sheriff Elijah Briant caught up with News Carver and killed him.

1903: The first cable across the Pacific Ocean is spliced between Honolulu, Midway, Guam, and Manila

The operations of this cable began on January 1, 1903. Later that year, cables were laid from Honolulu to Midway Atoll, thence to Guam, thence to Manila. The cables carried the first message to ever travel around the globe from US President Theodore Roosevelt.

1962: Jackie Robinson becomes the first African American to be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame

Jackie Roosevelt Robinson was an American professional baseball player. He became the first African American to play in Major League Baseball (MLB) in the modern era. He has won numerous awards and recognitions during his life journey.

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