July 15 – First Flat Horse Race and more

July 15 has been a very significant day in history

History is a cause of celebration and reflection. It is a source of inspiration. There have been uncountable inventions, innovations, treaties, and ot

History is a cause of celebration and reflection. It is a source of inspiration. There have been uncountable inventions, innovations, treaties, and other significant events in the past and all of them have something to teach us, to inspire us to keep going and not to stop even if we fail. Start your day with a positive thought. Do something great today and we might publish it in our Daily Column in the years to come.  Let us read the historical milestones of July 15:

1799: The Rosetta stone is found in the Egyptian village of Rosetta by French captain Pierre-Francois Bouchard during napoleon’s Egyptian campaign.

On this day in 1799, during Napoleon Bonaparte’s Egyptian crusade, a French fighter finds a dark basalt chunk engraved with an old composition close to the town of Rosetta, around 35 miles east of Alexandria. The sporadically molded stone contained sections of entries written in three distinct contents: Greek, Egyptian hieroglyphics, and Egyptian demotic. All the more startlingly, the Greek section reported that the three contents were all of indistinguishable importance. The ancient rarity in this manner held the way to fathom the enigma of hieroglyphics, a composed language that had been “dead” for about 2,000 years.


1815: 1st flat horse race held at English race track Cheltenham on Nottingham hill.

The principal horse hustling challenge recorded in Cheltenham happened in Nottingham Hill in 1815. The first Cheltenham Gold Cup occurred in 1819, however it was a truly short 3-mile level race without any obstacles. Until this point in time, it is the most well-known race that happens at the celebration and is constantly planned on the most recent day of the occasion. In those days, the races were not muddled. Rather than the ordinary obstacles and wall for horse hops, the challenge was a level race.


1850: John Wisden bowls all 10 South batsmen, North v South at Lord’s

There was significantly more to John Wisden than the publication of the famous Cricketers’ Almanac. Shockingly for a man of his size, remaining at five feet six inches and light as a plume, John Wisden was a standout amongst other quick bowlers of his time. Till his pace reduced in the later phases of his profession, he found the middle value of around ten wickets for each match.


1870: Georgia becomes the last confederate to be readmitted to the US

On this day in 1870, Georgia turned into the last previous Confederate state to be readmitted into the Union in the wake of consenting to situate some dark individuals in the state Legislature. In this manner, Democrats won greater parts in the two places of the General Assembly.


1876: Baseball’s first official no-hitter: George Bradley of the St Louis Brown Stockings no-hits the Hartford Dark Blues, 2-0

George Washington, his family name was Bradley, wasn’t a government official however a baseball pitcher. On July 15, 1876, under about fourteen days after the Centennial recognition occurred in Philadelphia and under three weeks after George Armstrong Custer met his fate at Little Bighorn, Bradley turned into the main pitcher in National League history to toss a no-hit game.


2002 A. P. J. Abdul Kalam is elected 11th President of India

Indian presidential political race, 2002 was held on 15 July 2002 to choose the President of India. On 18 July 2002, the outcomes were pronounced. Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam turned into the eleventh President by beating his closest adversary Capt. (Dr.) Lakshmi Sahgal. The political decision was battled between two significant up-and-comers, A. P. J. Abdul Kalam and Lakshmi Sahgal. Kalam was upheld by the decision of the Bharatiya Janata Party and its National Democratic Alliance. The significant resistance Indian National Congress, two days after the designation, pronounced its help to Kalam’s candidature.




2012 A Russian Soyuz rocket with an international team launches for a mission to the International Space Station

Russian Soyuz propelled into the morning skies over Kazakhstan on 15th July conveying three space travelers on their way to the International Space Station, where they will rapidly begin getting ready for a free for all of approaching traffic.  NASA space explorer Sunita Williams, Russian cosmonaut Yury Malenchenko and Japan’s Akihito Hoshide were set to travel two days before arriving at their three partners as of now at the lasting space station.


2018: 8-year-old girl finds pre-Viking-era sword in Vidostern lake, Sweden, internet proclaims her Queen of Sweden

Saga Vanecek found the sword in the Vidostern lake while at her family’s vacation home in Jonkoping County.  The sword was at first answered to be 1,000 years of age, yet specialists at the nearby museum presently trust it might date to around 1,500 years prior. She thought it was a stick, and she was going to skim it over the water. However, when she fished it out, it was a sword — around 33 inches in length, dark earthy colored with age and rust.


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