How To Deal With Anxiety And Fear When Infected With Coronavirus


Everyone’s life has drastically changed over the course of the last few months which is now majorly driven by the novel Coronavirus. All the speculations related to corona like how to prevent it, what remedies will boost immunity, what mantra to chant, which yoga pose you must try, and whatnot. As negative it may sound, but the fact that it can happen to anyone because corona doesn’t differentiate between the rich or the poor. The elites are more privileged as they can afford facilities whereas the poor suffer hardships. We are all humans and nobody is invincible.

Covid-19 indeed is a hot topic today because it affects not just our livelihoods but also our lifestyles. The long lists of precautions and preventive methods being spread widely and many even followed blindly yet nobody talks about what to do when you are tested positive.


According to psychologists, the corona fear syndrome is an actual mental health problem that is affecting most of us without even our knowledge today. The fear and anxiety which has been created in everyone’s mind today due to the on-going speculations that have emerged from different sources are the root cause of it. The mere thought of getting infected by coronavirus is very horrifying to people. This fear triggers stress and anxiety even before you have it. This surely does not suggest that there is no need to be afraid of catching it and give up on the preventive measures, but at the same time, one should not lose hope even when infected. Many places still under being lock-down and people being quarantined major health problems are rapidly increasing day by day. Whereas, this is only about the non-infected people who can’t even imagine being a Covid-19 patient.

The same fear and anxiety gets worse for a Corona positive patient. Will power and mental strength can be a great deal breaker against any such deadly disease. Not just the patient’s mental well-being is crucial but also that of the family and the friends. If the support from the family and friends gets weak, then the fight against corona is lost.


To overcome and fight any disease, the mental health of the patient is as important as physical health.

When Coronavirus first hits a loved one, there is a sudden panic and chaos which can lead to anguish along with agitation, this being a very natural human reaction. But, what decisions we make after that are more crucial.


  1. ACCEPT, FORGIVE, AND ISOLATE- Acknowledging the situation and its existence is the first and foremost step to better mental health. The panic, stress, tension, and anxiety developed from over-thinking about the current scenario shall only worsen the existing situation. It is necessary to make peace with what has already happened and work towards a solution, a better plan to fight this disease through self-care. But at the same time, it is also important to not blame anyone, forgive yourself, and the person who transmitted the disease because nothing can be done now to reverse it, and further grudges will only destabilize your mental peace. As soon as coronavirus results are confirmed to be positive, immediately isolate.
  2. BE OPTIMISTICWhat you think is what you become. People often say things like be positive, everything will be alright, have faith, don’t lose hope, etc. in times of difficulty to one another merely not as a courtesy to one’s situation, but it is a polite way of reminding oneself to have a holistic and positive approach towards everything. We all have an aura, a vibe which defines us so much so that the people around us can also feel our energies and vibrations. When negative thoughts from one person trigger negative feelings and negative energies in their surroundings, similarly, positive thoughts can trigger good vibrations in the surroundings is nothing but a result of the power of thinking.
  3. CHANGE LIFESTYLE- The situation cannot be changed but there are some major changes that can be made and worked upon in order to navigate the situation in favor of the patient. A fixed routine is a must and what that routine must involve is as follows :
    • Exercise – Exercises and yoga are advised by the doctor for better immunity and physical health
    • Healthy Diet – A balanced healthy diet is a must, especially when there are symptoms of tastelessness
    • Meditation – To calm the body and mind and eradicate all the negativity
    • Stay Busy – This will avoid any overthinking or negative thoughts
    • Pick Hobbies – Anything that interests and health allows
    • Express and Love more – Be more expressive, talk to people, family, and friends. Write down your thoughts and feelings, so that nothing gets heavy on the heart, mind, body, or soul. Be humble.
    • Smile and Laugh more – Practice doing this daily it will rejuvenate your body instantly
    • Practice Self Love – Care for yourself because nobody can do that better than yourself
    • Keep Track of Health and Symptoms
  1. DON’T BELIEVE UNRELIABLE SOURCES FOR CURE – These false speculations are the major causes of fear and even deaths so never rely on unreliable sources, always verify. Be aware of rumors and fake news.
  1. SEEK HELP WHENEVER NECESSARY- Be it emotional or medical help don’t hesitate to contact someone for assistance.

Apart from all these things, there is a need for everyone to be sensitive to not just corona patients, but also the corona warriors. They don’t need to be sympathized with, rather be understood and treated with uttermost respect. This is the worst of times and the best of times depends on what you can gain out of it.


Social distancing is the need of the hour but not virtual negligence.

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