How can Artificial Intelligence make Life better?

Artificial Intelligence or Complete Evolution

Artificial Intelligence, the full form of AI which has occupied a space in the head of every technical person because AI is the future of technolo


Artificial Intelligence, the full form of AI which has occupied a space in the head of every technical person because AI is the future of technology.

Technology has become a part of our lives, we can’t even imagine an hour without technology. Artificial Intelligence is the innovation of humans to make a technology that has human-like intelligence. It could be called an innovation by humans like humans.AI is designed for learning and processing languages, for their own reasoning ability that’s why it is known as the Intelligent innovation of humans.

The use of AI is increasing with a rapid rate in our lives and expert’s prediction says that in the future humans will be in control of AI.

We are confronting AI in nearly every field of our lifestyle.


AI for Multiple Platforms

Social Media:

Artificial intelligence helps us all to operate through social media very efficiently by finding the people in our contact and showing us the posts of our interests.

By analyzing the user’s data AI works on it and gives us the feeds which match our profile.AI takes the information of the user by reading their contacts and directing their location.

The tweeter uses artificial intelligence for detecting inappropriate or racist posts. They are using AI to enhance their platform for the users. Instagram also uses Artificial Intelligence, they use AI for detecting offensive comments and cyberbullying, which provides a user-friendly environment to the users.

On many websites, you must have noticed a chatbot that is used for taking user’s issues to the company which helps the company to do efficient work and they also get ones who are have shown interest in their company.


Online Services:

Based on your past searches of groceries, movies, serials, and web series, different online websites or stores show you some recommendations with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Amazon, the biggest online business company uses AI for showing the consumers the items of products based on their profile details and past searched history. Same in the case of Netflix and Hotstar, the most famous websites for watching movies and web series, they also show the next movie recommendation of specific type and language on your past search.


Digital Assistance:

We all are very much familiar with the famous Alexa of Amazon company. Like Alexa, there are many other of other companies like Siri of Apple, Google Now of Google. Alexa is nothing but a product of Artificial Intelligence which works on the instructions of humans. Digital assistance is being used by many of us in our homes or offices for our daily chores like setting alarms, switching off or on the lights, etc.

Music Recommendation:

If you are listening to soft and soothing songs, you will notice the next suggestion which will be coming will also be soft and soothing tones. Song recommendations are also done by using Artificial Intelligence, the language of songs which you listen to, the music of the song you prefer are some of the criteria on which the further recommendations are based on.

AI in Automobiles

Car Driving and Parking:

Artificial intelligence is not only limited to human instructions, but it is also doing the jobs of humans now that too with its intellect and judgments. Companies like Tesla, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and Volvo are already manufacturing cars with are self-automated, which can self-drive and self-park cars. Nvidia, a technology company uses AI to give power to cars to see, learn, and think. This power helps the AI to navigate the car by judging the correct distance and space between hundreds of cars. A survey tells that chances of car accidents are more in the car when a human is driving than in the case when the car is controlled by AI.

Map Guidance:


By using Artificial Intelligence, Google maps calculate the distance of the route and guide you all the way. AI calculates the best route to your destination by calculating the distance, traffic, and construction sites which gives you proper guidance to your destination.


AI improvises Communication

Email Communication:

We all must have noticed the suggestions provided by Gmail while replying to any mail. When we write a mail, many suggestions are given by the AI used in Email communication to complete the sentence. AI analyzes the mail and accordingly give suggestions. The suggestions given are based on the tone of communication in the mail.

Web Search:

Whenever we start writing anything in the search tab of Google the suggestions for a complete search sentence starts to appearing, here comes Artificial Intelligence. AI gives search suggestions based on the history, age, location, and other personal details of the user. AI learns about the user’s demands with every search of the user. AI gives better performance over time according to the need of users. Google also uses Artificial Intelligence for finding the best answer for the search and display it on the top.

AI helps in Home Security:

Home security is a high priority concern of ours, Artificial Intelligence is here to do this job also. AI helps you to know who has entered your house, which person is in which part of your home by sitting anywhere around the globe. If there is an emergency of fire or something else, the AI will inform you even without wasting a second. You do not have to trust any human to watch your home, you can only watch out your home.

AI Replacing Human Work


AI in Industries:

Artificial Intelligence has replaced human labor, in industries Robots designed using AI technology can be seen doing work. Kuka is one of the most famous companies for designing AI-based robots. Industries are being automated which not only improvised the efficiency of work but has also given the power to humans to think of more complex innovations further because these robots can be modified according to the need.

The human workload is decreased with the increase of AI robots but at the same time, many people have lost their jobs which these industries had to offer.

Fraud Protection by AI:

Banks are coming up with Artificial Intelligence for fraud protection by sending OTP notifications for the bank account holder. Any unusual transaction like a big amount than your past transactions, you will get a warning notification on your mobile. AI takes care of the location of the transaction if the transaction is away from your residence locality or any place which is not the usual place of your transactions, you will be notified about it.


Artificial Intelligence is making our life more efficient and devised completely of technologies. An era of AI is coming in the lives of us, humans. AI is not only helping us to do the big things in our lives as the other technologies have done so far. AI is helping us to perform even the smallest things in our everyday routine efficiently and easily. Artificial Intelligence is providing us with comfort and we are developing a habit of forgetting things because we are dependent on AI for reminding us about things.

Artificial Intelligence is making our lives better than before till we are using it as a supporting system once we will be starting depending on AI is will show its worst side. Using something for support and depending on something are two different things, always remember the difference and act accordingly.

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