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The world as we know it is fast pacing and the only thing that virtually seems to matter is whether you are living the updated life or are still hung up on archaic ways. Advancement, artificial intelligence, machine learning and internet of things are not just some cool geeky slangs. We don’t even realize how much we use these technologies in our day to day life. Even if self-consciousness and awareness about fitness was a trend, it is a good one benefiting people all around the globe. Just a tiny screen beeping to tell you that the doughnut you just ate is taking you 200 calories away from your intended summer body is going to have an impact. So, what are these little miracles making our lives easier?


What is ‘Fitness technology’?


“Fitness tech” or “Wearable fitness technology” has created a new wave of what is known Fitness activity tracking. These are devices that can be worn on the person of anyone engaging in a routine or a set of activities allowing them to monitor the nature of their bodies and how they engage in certain activities. As it is with the millennial habit of “trend-setting”, the explosion of such technology has created a very lucrative market across the global scale. Surveys noted that the comparatively smaller industry of Fitness technology, where currently only around 15 companies are producing the entire market’s worth of product, has had a turnover of an estimated $1.9 Billion in 2013 to $2.8 Billion in first quarter of 2019.

Majorly these products are wearable items like a watch, band, clip-on and so on. Like the Fitbit (Basic Step Counter Band) or Jawbone (Provides personalized goals and insights based on your routines) and other products like Polar & Nike Fuel band SE. These products have come a long way from the classic pedometers to being classy and fashionable pieces of equipment that will change the course of personal fitness as we know it. Yet another benefit of this trend being on the ‘east-side’ millennial tech wave is that most of these devices are now capable of interacting with your smart phones, allowing you to manage your devices with remote monitoring, available at one touch.

In the beginning it wasn’t exactly as welcomed as it is now. People would consider fitness to be a classic endeavor that you’d dive into using the cliché methods and expect the usual result. But personalized fitness technology and Digital aides have come a long way in changing that perception.





Why go for the trend?


So far you know what fitness tech, and everything is around it. Now the grounds for an obvious but completely authentic question state that we must ask, ‘Why should I follow another trend?’ And what follows up will answers this question by starting with the first and most important clarification, that fitness technology is indeed more than just a trend. It’s a revolution against the standardized BMI charts and exercise routines with no regards to personal weight classes. Opting for fitness technology allows you to track and learn about how things affect your body and how you can use it to improve your performance and achieve a “Better” fitness instead of the “Standard Package”. A few technical aspects that pushes fitness technology up the list of modern-day necessity are as follows:


Step Counter – New Fitness technology products like Fitbit provide an evolved version of pedometers that help you track how many steps you take through your day. And how it affects your body.


Heart Monitor – Some products also offer a specialized sensor built-in it to check and monitor the heart rate.


Sleep monitor – These are also available as shelf products that help you set up sleep parameters and keep track of your bedtime habits.


Goal setting – This is about personalized goals and insights based on your routines. You can get notifications as per completion of your goals and so on.


Calorie monitor and counter: You can also track how many calories you’ve consumed throughout the day and working with the step counter; this feature can tell you how many calories you’ve burned while walking.


So, in addition to these features and the intimidating range of options in terms of product type, functionality and so on, fitness technology as an industry makes it notable that fitness is now more a part of modern lifestyle as it had ever been. And that you can very well be a part of this revolution at one touch of your screen.


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