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Fashion across nations

Fashion and culture are interrelated as well as interdependent. There are different definitions to fashion, but both of them have a common link –

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Fashion and culture are interrelated as well as interdependent. There are different definitions to fashion, but both of them have a common link – “Looking attractive”

Nowadays, influences from the Asian and African cultures and their numerous tribes are turning up just about everywhere. Be it in the runway or high street fashion, these motifs are now becoming popular as they get accommodated by everyone across the world.

The multitudes of fashion are being inspired by varied cultures. One such aspect is Body Piercing. The accessories that we wear match our clothes which prove to be one of the most important aspects. As per the designers, influencers, and icons, it is portrayed that accessories will have a greater impact on the fashion choices in the coming seasons. With its origins traced back to the cultures of many African tribes, body piercing has always been part of folklore. There are numerous ways to body piercing through ears, ear, nose, and even lip stretching and much more.

Clothing culture around the world

The individuality of every country and their eye-pleasing clothes are marked by some of their initial clothing styles worn in their past. Here is a list of some countries and clothes worn by most of its population which directly or indirectly proved to be interjected by its fashion style and identity.

India- Saris and Dhotis

India itself is home to an enormous number of cultures and traditions, which makes it a beautiful place of diversity and a perfect example of unity in diversity. Every religion and state there has its own culture that gets beautifully

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signified by the clothes worn by its people. One of  the common and popular Indian attire is saris for ladies and dhotis for men. If you want to explore traditional clothes around the world in a single place, visit Mumbai. It is one of the busiest cities in the world that attracts millions of visitors from around the globe every year.

Bhutan – Gho, and Kira

The Gho and Kira for men and women, respectively, is the most famous adopted attire for people in Bhutan. Made from thick woolen clothes, not only the rural but also the urban people wear this daily. These clothes help the locals tackle the cold climate of the country.

China – Mosuo and Hmong Dress

One of the most common ethnic clothes in China is the Mosuo and Hmong Dress. The attire reflects their own set of beliefs and traditions. These dresses can be found not only in China but in Jammu and Kashmir of India as well. These are the most colorful and pretty dresses in China. You just cannot miss out on trying these beautiful dresses if you ever visit China. The layered designs of these dresses are meant for protection against the cold and windy conditions of the mountains.

Indonesia – An Outfit Comprised of the Blouse, Brooch, and Sarong

The Indonesian attires are one of the most pleasing plain attires that soothes the eyes of watchers and the wearers. They owe a lot to the tourism of Indonesia. The tropical climate of Indonesia does not support thick-lined dresses or sweater vests. Therefore, Indonesians like to keep their overall attire breezy, lightweight, and super-functional. The silky appeal of the Indonesian dresses looks classy on women.

United States – Flannels, Knickerbockers, Amish and Mennonite Traditional Outfits

Despite the continuous wave in the fashion world from the United States, the trends keep on changing. When we talk about the citizens out there, however, they are not much impacted by the ongoing fashion trends. The traditional cowboy attire is still worn by men, women, as well as little boys and girls regularly in various countryside states of the U.S. The country also celebrates the traditional attires from the Dutch, Amish, and German cultures.

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Vietnam – Ao Dai

The traditional attire of these countries looks similar to a uniform-like simple approach. These dresses often appear as traditional silky gowns facilitating a comfortable appeal in the tropical weather of the country. They are the ones who believe in wearing neat and well-organized attire to depart discipline. Across the world, the Vietnamese clothes are the ones that are commonly worn in workplaces too.

Japan – Kimono

The attire of Japan is one of the most famous dresses around the world. As they admire their culture and keep it close to their heart, their dress is witnessed to be unique amongst all countries. As one of the most popular and traditional dresses around the world, Kimonos are comfortable and easy on the skin. The Japanese people use these traditional dresses both as formal attires as well as for regular day to day use.


Africa is a large, diverse continent. Hence the clothing style varies throughout the region. District regional dresses and dress styles are used in west Africa. Clothing varies from brightly colored textiles to abstractly embroidered

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robes, to colorful beaded bracelets and necklaces. There is a difference in the rural and urban areas there as urban societies typically are exposed more to trade and the changing world while it takes more time for new western trends to get to rural areas.

Culture has a huge role to play in deciding the fashion of a particular region. Fashion trends in society are just a reflection of its culture. They become part of a vicious cycle and their involvement in each other never goes apart!

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