Fashion And Style – The Deadliest Amalgamation!

Fashion and Style are the two different sides of the same coin.

Fashion and style are something that goes hand in hand in every occasion or event that you are a part of. Be it the wedding season, a corporate event,

Fashion and style are something that goes hand in hand in every occasion or event that you are a part of. Be it the wedding season, a corporate event, the festive season or all dolled up for casual dinner evening, the clothes and accessories that you put on define your fashion statement. While, the way you carry yourself and the choice of clothing you choose, somewhat defines your style. 

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” —Lauren Hutton

Like the quote mentioned above, fashion is something significant and can be in the trends for months, but the style is something that you possess and choose for eternity. There will be millions of fashion designers, experts, influencers or for some time even the major fashion gala events like the Cannes, Met Gala and many more that will set the latest trends in vogue for a season, which will create a crazy fad among the fashion lovers not to forget even the normal public in some way or the other. Not everyone will be influenced by the voguish trends set after a particular event or season, but it will buzz around in newspapers and media. One imbibes the fashion trends and makes up his or her style. The point being is fashion and style never fade, these are something that defines a community that undergoes evolution and progress as the course of time and generation spawns.

What is Fashion?

“Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.” —Bill Cunningham

The global industry that is invested in prophesying what we wear and how one wishes to appear in front of others is termed as Fashion. It is not just any other business but a cultural and social phenomenon that is driven by new desires. Fashion promotes the ideals that are unattainable to the many, and accessible to the few yet can make the marginalized feel that they can participate. Fashion is something that is experimental and all about adaptation, it is about being open to changes but this industry can never be fully controlled. It is not just newness but also about the creativity that can be achieved from exploring the past historical fashion milestones. 

What is Style?

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. ”—Rachel Zoe 

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Style is something that you own. It is a characteristic manner of behaving or conducting oneself or a particular mode of living. It is something that nobody can purchase yet something that can be produced by utilising a set of voguish trends or statements. The way you carry yourself or wear a particular outfit defines the manner of your style. The way one accessorizes and the type of accessories or clothing one chooses defines his or her style statement. Style is something unique and varies from individual to individual. Everyone has a different style of dressing up, someone will choose to wear a simple evening gown for a dinner while someone will choose to keep it extra.

How are Fashion and Style different from each other?

Fashion and style are unique and different in their respective ways. Where style is something personal, fashion seems to be a collective endeavour.

Let us read why and how the two are different from each other:

  • Based on arbitrary guidelines that may or may not reflect life, fashion is dictated by designers, magazine editors, influencers and photographers. Whereas, style is personal, slower and unaffected by fashion. Even though present or not present in the latest fashion trends, you can create your own statement, and that is your style statement! Where fashion is all about change and versatility and can be driven by society, Style is unique and constant to oneself, evolving with time.
  • To make fashion popular or set a particular trend/statement in the industry, investments, models, photographers, marketing and PR along with the fashion houses, mega fashion events are required. However, style does not require all this, you can define the style statement on your own, an individual is enough to make a particular style popular.
  • The fashion trends may come and go depending on the season and the environment but if you have a sense of style that works for you yet makes you comfortable, then that stays with you forever and will always define you.
  • Sometimes the latest fashion trends can be complex yet uncomfortable. Not every individual can follow and adapt to the trends. Style on the other hand is about comfort and one’s love towards fashion. If you are lucky enough to mark your style statement, people may adapt to your style, provided it is easy and fashionable at the same time.

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Fashion and Style – co-dependent on each other!

Fashion and Style are the two different sides of the same coin. The bright coloured rugby shirts, dad-style corduroy trousers, or fail-safe cardigan and knitted tie combinations, define that fashion and style are co-dependent on each other. It is the choice of colour that defines an individual’s style whereas the corduroy trousers must be the fashion trend followed. There might be numerous reasons that will differentiate between the two, i.e. fashion and style, however, they are in a symbiotic relationship as well. Style may be personal and depends on a person’s choices but directly or indirectly it is inspired by the fashion labels.

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The style is what you create. The colours and proportions that you look for or choose in an outfit or experimenting with fashion tips creating your outfit of the day, are all inspired by fashion. Likewise, just designing fashionable clothes or setting trends do not suffice, but the way they are presented, expressed and accessorized is equally important as well. 

Fashion is that pursuit that deals with the ongoing quest to be on-trend, whereas Style is timeless and evergreen. 

Combining the two, one may create the deadliest amalgamation ever seen! 

“People will stare. Make it worth their while.” —Harry Winston

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