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Endangered Species Day and more

Let's celebrate the endangered today

Endangered Species Day We are part of a huge ecosystem with animals, plants, birds, and other creatures being as significant as humans in the syst

Endangered Species Day

We are part of a huge ecosystem with animals, plants, birds, and other creatures being as significant as humans in the system. And, sadly many such species that keep the chain going are on the verge of extinction. Some species have a count as low as a few tens and when the last one is gone, it is gone forever.

The first Endangered Species Day was held in 2006. The struggles have been there for a very long time. The day was proposed to remind people of the endangered species on the globe and make people conscious of the limited time their favorite creatures have on Earth.

Thus, on this day, read about the species to your children. Use the hashtag #endangeredspeciesday on social media and post pictures of some animals you love. Spread the word through online channels and let others know what the day is about and how you should celebrate.

National Pizza Party Day

Pizza is the favorite food for many of us. It is the go-to eatery for every mood. Be it celebrating success or sulking over a heartbreak, everyone takes the help of the pizza to get through it. So obviously, there’s a day to celebrate it every year. That’s the 3rd Friday of May every year.

Pizza has taken several dimensions and gone through different stages to reach the place where it is today. History of the day is the history of pizza itself. Greeks were the first who made pizza by covering bread with bread, herbs, oil, and cheese. But, the pizza as we know today was invented in Italy and came to be known as Neapolitan Flatbread.

On this day, first of all, decide the reason you want to put up a party. Celebrate by inviting friends and family to share a night of fun at your favorite pizzeria. You can also celebrate it by making homemade pizza and customizing one’s favorite toppings.

National Choco Chip Day

Every dessert becomes amazing and ultimately delicious, with those little chocolate inventions, that adorns every cookie. The Choco Chip! The easiest way to transport chocolate is by making them into choco chips.

Like many popular culinary inventions, Choco chips were also an invention by accident by Ruth Graves Wakefield, who was trying to make chocolate spread cookies but the chocolate rather than melting got amalgamated to the bulk of the cookie. Then the Choco chip went through several innovations, but the most popular one remains to be semi-sweet.

On this day, celebrate everything that has Choco chips in it. Puddings, cakes, muffins, ice creams, and of course cookies. Try to incorporate every meal with Choco chips, and devour the amazing nature with every bite. Make your chocolate chip cake and relish it with your family and friends.

Bike to Work Day

National Bike to Work day is celebrated on the third Friday of May. This was introduced in 1956 to encourage people to bike to work and profess a way that could make people have an eco-friendly commute to work. The bike to work day falls on the bike to work month. Thus, everyone who loves to bike to work can do it for the whole month. Bike to work day is observed all over by organizing bicycle-related events worldwide. Anybody who wishes to celebrate the day can join in the events and the celebration.

Biking is healthier to the body as well as to the Earth. It makes less pollution and boosts up the air purity. Also, it makes one physically fit and makes their muscles active for the work that follows. Cycling is very inexpensive and people can save a huge sum as well.



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