Disappear Your Stage-Fear

Some people start panicking, scrabbling, and trembling when they are asked to speak on stage. If you are one of them, do not worry as these are common reactions that happen to most of the people with stage fright due to anxiety.

But one should recognize the worth to overcome the fear of stage in the era of cut-throat competition, it is imperative to build the self-confidence to present yourself.

Some people do not want to overcome it because they are afraid of fear itself. I would say, “Face the fear and fear will disappear.” Let’s have a look at how one can face the fear courageously,

  1. Do not overthink, think you are the best: Several people avoid stage speaking as they are afraid of being judged by the audience. To stop thinking about the judgments, recite some positive affirmations to self. Pronounce ‘I am the best’ to give your best performance.
  2. Be excited and energetic: Keep yourself enthusiastic about the performance. Intake healthy food and drink plenty of water to keep yourself spirited. The audience always wishes to listen to someone more energetic than themselves.
  3. Prepare and practice: Prior information about the presentation is a plus and you can prepare yourself with rehearsal. There are two ways to practice, first speak in front of the mirror and secondly keep talking to strangers.
  4. Lower your gaze: Have a deep breath to avoid nervousness. Keep yourself calm. Long breathing will help you relax while balancing your body.
  5. Slow-down, don’t rush: Due to nervousness, people either become so slow or fast while speaking. Pay attention to your speed to gain more appreciation that ultimately enhances poise.
  6. Reach early at the spot: Getting late would increase your fear, anxiety, and panic. And hence try to be punctual. Rather reach early to get familiar with the stage and your position.
  7. Know your audience: You’ll be more confident if you know the target audience. You can transform and convey your speech accordingly.
  8. Check, re-check props: Get accustomed to the props you are going to use while speaking that may include a mic, hard drive, screen, etc.
  9. Focus on body language: Actions speak louder than words. Hence try to be more particular about your gestures, positions, and signs that your body reflects. Positive body language will help you to smoothen the conveying of messages.
  10. Never regret: Try not to blame yourself for getting nervous. Rather appreciate yourself at least you have tried. This will boost your confidence.

Next time, you are on stage, be confident, and impress the audience with your speaking skills.

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