Democracy – The People’s Choice


Democracy – The People’s Choice

Democracy - boon for a country

Democracy is the type of government or formation where the people have the right and authority to choose the candidate. The environment of democracy i

Democracy is the type of government or formation where the people have the right and authority to choose the candidate. The environment of democracy is mainly aimed at freedom of assembly and speech, inclusiveness, consent, voting, right to life, and minority rights.

In a democracy, everything is done “by the people, of the people, and for the people. “But in general, there is no rigid definition of democracy. It differs from time to time, place and place, and many more basis.

Types of Democracy

There are different types of democracy. The major four types of democracy known are Direct Democracy, Representative democracy, Constitutional democracy, Monitory democracy. Let us know what they stand for!

  • Direct democracy

This type of democracy is no longer followed. This was practiced in ancient times. Such as ancient Athens, all citizens (only adult males who had completed their military training; women, slaves, and plebs were not citizens) are invited to participate in all political decisions. All the decisions were taken by the majority rule.

  • Representative democracy

One such example of representative democracy in Australia. Here, the candidates are elected by the people. And, are trusted to carry out all the activities with loyalty towards their people.

  • Monitory democracy

According to  John Keane, a new form of democracy is emerging. In this, the candidates chosen are kept in constant monitoring by the public. Their performance is always kept in mind which reflects the future selection of candidates.

  • Constitutional democracy

In this type of democracy, the constitution decides who and how the people are to be represented. Australia is a constitutional democracy also. The major thing ruling the things and the people here is the constitution.

Democratic Framework

A liberal democracy (that is, one that champions the development and well-being of the individual) is organized in such a way as to define and limit power so as to promote legitimate government within a framework of justice and freedom. There are four critical elements to the framework:

  • Legitimacy

The legitimate government refers to the one which has a rigid rule and regulations structure to be followed by. The country having the appropriate and mandate structure to rule, making lfe easier for everyone.

  • Justice

Justice has functioned when there is equality among all the people in the country, they live in a stress-free environment with equal rights, respect, and dignities.

  • Freedom

Freedom refers to the wide variety of options present in all sectors. When people have the right to choose what they want is where true freedom exists. the autonomy to do what the law does not forbid; and where prohibitions do exist, they should be for the common good and respect for political and civil liberties.

  • Power

In a liberal democracy, efforts are made to define and limit power, often by means of a written constitution. Checks and balances, such as the separation of the Parliament, senior government, and judicial power, are instituted. In addition, there are conventions of behavior and a legal system that complements the political system.

Advantages of democracy

There are numerous advantages to the practice of democracy in a country. Some of them include protecting the interests of citizens, preventing a monopoly of authority, promoting equality, making a responsible and stable environment. Democracy brings a feeling of obligation towards the citizens. The key benefit of democracy is that it promotes changes.

Disadvantages of Democracy

Everything has pros and cons. The same is the situation with democracy. We now already know what its advantages are.  Let us now also throw a vision on its disadvantages. The cons of democracy involve it allows misuse of public funds and time, instigates corruption, wrong choice of public servants, emphasizing on quantity rather than quality, takes time to make needy decisions, and sometimes even records immoral practices to win elections.

Although this is a two sided coin, democracy helps to include everyone and a sense of importance and responsibility to every citizen.

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