Today – November 11

Each day enwraps in itself the opportunities to celebrate and live life a little more. Today is the most beautiful asset for anybody. One must always aspire to do something that makes your today better than it was yesterday. Be it completing or deadlines or getting to know something new. Make today count. Brag Social brings to the celebrations of yet another today – November 11.

What makes today November 11 worthwhile are the celebrations it brings along. It is the day when we pay an ode to the brave veterans and also let the creative bugs bite us. The day unfolds the events of bravery and courage, with a hint of creativity to enhance its very existence. Let us know more about Veterans Day and Origami Day.

National Veterans Day


The day pays homage to the men and women in uniform who fought for the sake of their lives, in the past, present, or future. It is only at the risk of these brave soldiers, that we can refer to us as a nation. A country without its soldiers would be nothing more than God without his angels. America fathoms what it owes to the veterans and takes a vow for their sacrifices and the battles fought on November 11. The nation takes pride in the valor and courage that the veterans showcased on the battlefield. Veterans Day is to felicitate the capacity of these brave men to perform properly even when scared to death.


On the first anniversary of the First World War in the year 1919, the day originated with the name Armistice Day. Later in 1926, it was congress who passed a resolution for nationwide observance for the veterans of the country. It originated to honor the Eventually, November 11 was declared a national holiday. This declaration of Veterans Day as a federal holiday is how the United States pays tribute and thank the brave souls for their battles.

How to celebrate?

National Veterans Day witnesses parades in towns. The businesses also offer discounts for servicemen and veterans. The day is to thank the courageous men and women for their exemplary service to the nation. People can donate to the national development funds raisers. There is a multitude of seminars to reach out to people to tell them about the importance of this day. Moreover, people view it as a chance to honor the commitment of those who wore the nation’s uniforms.


National Origami Day

Well, who did not make an airplane and flew it in the class? Probably no one. Origami is an art in itself. The desire to create is considered one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. Creativity is a niche in which anyone can excel at the cost of investment in personal growth. Origami is one such domain where there are no boundaries. There exists complete freedom of expression. The Origami Day is indeed an important one for all the paper folding fanatics out there.


The day was first observed in Japan to honor the ancient Japanese art form, Origami. It involves making intricate and complex shapes and object from a square piece of paper. The first-ever consideration of this art was found in a poem. Later, it came to life when the act of folding a napkin was considered to be a sign of a good host. New techniques were introduced and the art form establishes itself. It is known that cranes made out of paper are used as a ray of hope for the people fighting chronic diseases like cancer.

How to celebrate?

As complex as it seems, the art of origami is not something you can do only with precision. However, it is as simple as painting on a blank canvass. Maybe you are just a fold away from creating something new. To celebrate the unofficial day to celebrate creativity in its true spirits, all you need is a piece of paper. So get that piece of paper and start folding! Let your creativity wings out and take a flight into the land of amazement.

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