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Day Today – Lucky Penny day and more.

Every day comes with new and fresh energy. And, each day should be celebrated for what it is. But, around the year, each day is celebrated for more th

Every day comes with new and fresh energy. And, each day should be celebrated for what it is. But, around the year, each day is celebrated for more than one notion. Through this ‘Day Today’ column we bring to you a list of days that you can celebrate today and utilize the day in the best way you can. 

National Lucky Penny Day

Long back, a penny would bring in a lot of things, but this isn’t possible as of now. It was considered lucky back in the day because finding a penny on the roadside or somewhere in the road while walking was nothing short of a treasure and one could buy so much from that one penny. Also, pennies were made of copper, gold, and precious metals. So this day was brought in to give people a hope that they might get lucky today! Who wouldn’t like to stumble upon an online gift card these days? Thus, the lucky penny day is to feel lucky about the day and be happy about it. 

How to celebrate?

Try to find some old pennies that you might have missed some days back in your backyard. Think about all the lucky things that have happened to you in the past year. Have a session of thinking about what all came as a surprise to you. Spread the joy of being lucky this day through social media. 

World Turtle Day

Turtles have been an essential part of our society and its literature. We have always considered turtles as a metaphor for being slow and steady, having patience and not giving up. They have truly been part of many fables we have heard in childhood. This day was initiated by the American Tortoise Rescue, to help the turtles and tortoises around the world strive. World turtle day is not only subjected to turtles but tortoises as well. Founded in 1990, American Tortoise Rescue is the founding sponsor of World Turtle Day invented by Miss E. Russell. The term “WORLD TURTLE DAY” is trademarked by Susan Tellem of Malibu, California.

How to celebrate?

Find out ways you can contribute to organizations in your locality to pledge your help. You can also go to homes that serve them and work there. Spread awareness about the importance of the day and the role turtles play in our lives. Give others the knowledge of why and how one should celebrate this day. 

National Title Track Day

Music is everyone’s escape into their fantasy. Music takes us to ecstasy that is impossible otherwise. Songs are the best friends to many of us. But, the title track holds a special place in our lives as well. Title tracks are songs that have their name the same as the name of the album. They often become the defining track of the album, that strings all the other songs together. This makes the album even more unique. The title track day was thus coined to celebrate the amazing tracks that have been produced by many creators around the world.  

How to celebrate?

On this day, play that favorite album of yours and enjoy its title track on a loop. You might also stumble upon some memories that you created while you first listened to the song. May be read about some amazing trivia about how and when the track was created. Also, take to your social media handle asking everyone to share their favorite tracks.

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