Day Today- International Tuba Day- May 1st

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Day Today- International Tuba Day- May 1st

Dear tubists, it is time to enjoy your long due recognition!

Today is the day to appreciate the ones people tend to underappreciate quite often- the Tuba players. Tuba, also known as the “oompah” instrument, is the lowest-pitched, powerful and hefty instrument in the Brass family. Tubists have to struggle through the hassle of handling this bombastic instrument demanding sheer lung capacity and even heavier criticism from the stereotyped attitude of people towards their role in the marching band and their contribution to the overall musical experience. Tuba day gives recognition to this underappreciated contribution to the musical universe.

History of Tuba Day

Joel Day founded International Tuba Day in 1979 establishing a holiday while attending Lower Merion High School. Being one of the two tubists in the band, he realized a lack of respect and recognition as compared to the other artists. Joel went to study at Millersville University, established this day and the worldwide celebration continued in Australia, France, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and many other places.

What we can do today

  • Play the grand and powerful Tuba.
  • Watch performances.
  • Learn more about the significance of Tuba in musical society.


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