Day Today- Hug A Plumber Day- April 25th

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Day Today- Hug A Plumber Day- April 25th

We need to give credit where it's due, read on to know more

We usually tend to forget the people who work in sectors where if they don’t show up to work one day, our entire life might go haywire. Well, today is meant for that! Well, we are upset that you cannot hug your plumber today because the current situation, but we are sure that you can give them the validation they deserve at least.

Many plumbers have saved the day (and, more often, night). They can prevent catastrophe by fixing a toilet or unclogging a drain. What would our lives be without these heroes of indoor plumbing? Don’t laugh. It takes great expertise to really know what goes on in those mazes of pipes and how to keep them all running like clockwork.

Why We Love National Hug a Plumber Day

  1. We can’t do without them

    There are some plumbing problems that can’t wait and we cannot fix! We need a plumber to bail us out.

  2. They handle dirty and hazardous jobs for us

    Plumbers are professionals — sometimes handling sewage that can make us sick.

  3. They can help you save money over time

    An expert plumber can prevent disaster — and even save your house.

    Every time you take a shower, wash your hands, get a glass of water, or flush the toilet, you have a plumber to thank. Hug A Plumber Day is a great time to remember these heroes and the efforts they put forth each and every day.



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