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Creativity block basically means block to your creativity, barriers to inspiration which basically curbs someone's feelings to aim high. It can last f

Creativity block basically means block to your creativity, barriers to inspiration which basically curbs someone’s feelings to aim high. It can last for a long period and can extend up to weeks, months, and even years. This affects human life a lot especially the one who aims at creative professions like writers, musicians, performers, artists.

CREATIVITY is a sign of intelligence. And if it is blocked or some barriers are put between you and your creativity it may destroy your thinking and also your intelligence.

Creativity block prevents people from tapping into their creativity. They do not directly impact the artist they affect anyone whose carrier requires flexibility and problem solving etc.


There are many types of creativity blocks that make a person enemy of itself. It is the worst thing as it unable a person to think. Let us see how they affect and how many types of creative blocks are there: –

  1. MENTAL BLOCK: mental block basically traps the person’s own mind. In this, you look to the world in such a way that you are not able to see other options. To get relieved you should find an alternative type of view.
  2. EMOTIONAL BARRIERS: creativity can be pursuit have that is it can be uncomfortable. Sometimes the person is too tensed about “what would happen if” maybe your subject matter is painful, embarrassing, or plain weird. To be relieved one should know how to face the worst and then coming to the other side.
  3. OVERWHELM: sometimes you take too many commitments and you are not able to complete it You are totally overwhelmed with your ideas. To be relieved you should cut off and should set a little target first then you should increase day by day.
  4. POVERTY: poverty here can not be in terms of money. people can be knowledge poor, time-poor, also there can be a network issue. Like another block this too has a solution, you should save up the things that lack you to your creativity which means you should save up your time, money or you can also use your knowledge in a protective way that is you can take help of a mentor, etc.


There are many practices which can make you relieve from the different types of blocks which make your creativity overwhelmed: –

  1. You should always FINISH UP the things that you have started and should see completion. Procrastination should be the enemy of your work.
  2. You should PUT SOME FUN in your work. The place where you are working should not be like a prison or a clinic the workplace should be full of colors which makes you enthusiastic.
  3. Working on too many projects at once can make your creativity suffocating. If you’re feeling tired or saturated with work, take some time to yourself and turn everything off, social life, work-life for a couple of days and give more time to yourself. You should always spend some YOU – TIME.
  4. You should always CARRY A SKETCHBOOK and sketch the ideas when they are up in your mind.
  5. You should START LOVING YOURSELF. It makes you feel that you have started understanding yourself and this will surely help you to know yourself.


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The creative block is basically normal. Feeling frustrated with your work, unable to draw, unable to withdraw your ideas, feeling just completely struck. It happens to all of us and is a part of our creative parts. Remind yourself that feeling blocked is not the end of the world, at that time you should always spend your time with yourself and thinking about something which makes you happy. Talk to the person who understands you the most and discuss your mind with them that makes you happy and fell some relaxation. You can also refer to music [relaxing music] which boosts you up makes you feel relax.


  1. READ MORE BOOKS: reading not only helps you to increase your comprehension and vocabulary but also helps to increase your interest level and memory power. In fact, books are the best friends it has all the types of thoughts that are going through your mind.
  2. TRAVEL: traveling breaks our routine and makes us explore new things that make us know about a new lifestyle by seeing the world.
  3. GO OUT FOR A WALK: going out for a walk makes you feel relaxed and happy. Walking renovates our thoughts and improves our mood.
  4. LISTEN TO MUSIC: listen to music which is new and also especially the old and gold music. New music allows you to feel connected with today’s world while the old music keeps you to ground.

To come out of a creative block one should know how to love himself and should know self-practicing.


Loving yourself is the most important element of your life which makes you happy and also sometimes stressed but it is important as it makes the person feeling tensed for himself because the person whom you love you take the care for him the most.

  1. Research for all the types of self – care, which makes you strengthened about yourself.
  2. Thinking that you are the worthiest person in the world and just forget about what other people think about yourself. This will make you feel proud of yourself and gain motivation.
  3. Get to know that what makes you hate yourself and improve that. Because the things which make you hate yourself don’t deserve to be in your mind.
  4. Stop waiting to be PERFECT or to achieve any goal. Do not procrastinate. Start it from now because it is never too late to start something new.
  5. Start creating boundaries with the people who are toxic and damaging. Cut off with them before they use you and destroy your thinking and imagination power by adding junk stuff in your mind.

If you’re facing a creativity block, don’t feel awkward about telling it to somebody. A good motivation talk can work wonders.

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