Change your lifestyle to beat the Coronavirus

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Change your lifestyle to beat the Coronavirus

Use P.P.E.(personal protective equipment's) if going out of the house.

These days as we all are dealing with such a fatal disease in which People must change their lifestyle in order to fight with the Novel Coronavirus (COVID19). This disease is giving us physical and mental health issues so there must be some lifestyle changes that we all must adopt in order to tackle the situation. A change is always a necessity and it is even more necessary when we are to deal with current scenario. For that we must follow few steps-

  1. The first step to adopt is to maintain a proper hygiene which is very important for our life and our family.
  2. As there is lock-down in most of the places of World, being a good citizen of our Country, we should follow these norms and maintain social distancing.
  3. The working environment has been changed as everyone is working from home and helping the nation to heal from such a pathetic situation.
  4. If anyone who returns from any Country where cases are at peak whey should make themselves self-quarantine and if finds any type of infection related to COVID19 should be properly tested and under observation of the Doctor.
  5. This situation has given us the time to be with our Family and to spend this crucial time with them. Try to provide help at home in every household work.
  6. Use P.P.E.(personal protective equipment’s) if going out of the house.

The disease is fatal for the one suffered from it on one hand, but it is beneficial for others on the other hand, COVID-19 is pushing some people – most at risk – toward better health. It makes people exercise even to those who have never done so. Also, both men and women are contributing their effort to daily household tasks.

Many women said they were concerned about “sweating out their hairstyle. Experts suggest that “It’s a really great way to have fun, relieve some stress and feel like life is normal for a little”.

But the coronavirus is pushing people toward lifestyle changes. Schools and colleges are all shut, so now we are observing the importance of digitization through online study.

Apart from above, the restrictions in movement due to Covid-19,We are now option less to walk rather than on a vehicle, this seems to have a good effort, leading to the decrease in the level of air and water pollution, so we can say on a bigger note that our Mother ‘Earth’ is healing.


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