According to the 2021 survey, there are around 252 million women entrepreneurs around the world who are running businesses despite all the societal oppressions.
Women prove themselves worthy every time. Around 153 million women operate well-established businesses
More Women should excel in their businesses against all the odds which are more in their way.

Model & Celebrities

Perfect ramp walk- Walk as you own it!
First ramp walk or tenth, who does not want perfection. So many people in the hall and every other person is looking at you. It can surely be a little difficult. You can lack confidence, you will check your dress and your face twice or thrice before going. Do not worry, as this can happen
The Changes Pandemic Brought To The Industry
Have you ever wondered how and why this global epidemic has impacted the modeling industry? So have we, and what we have experienced is a frustrating experience. With so many industries and people affected by Covid-19, it would be quite a surprise if the modeling world did not find itself in their midst. The past
Street Fashion – When Street’s The Stage
Walking down along the road with dim lights and the faint sound of music from the street across. Chains from bomber shoes clanking with the metal plates on-road and guitar sounds from the backyard. Well, you guess it right, a street scenario. Streets get lively due to these artists who jam across tea stalls and
10 Women Changing the Entertainment Industry
The entertainment industry makes the most money with the help of its commendable talent. Women have proved to the world that they are capable of anything and everything. Initially, the entertainment industry did not respect women. But, as the globe has evolved, women have not only joined the entertainment industry in huge numbers but have
Being Naked, The Truth Behind Artistic Models and Modeling
Modeling. An art well known but less preferred. I am sure that you all must be well aware of this beautiful yet incredible form of art. I must introduce you to the fact that modeling does not mean just designed clothes and ramp walks. It does not mean just standardized fashion shows. It has many
Body Neutrality- A movement over Body Positivity
“Love your body!’’, they say, everywhere we turn, every corner, every side, every path, every media platform and, every poster. Huge banners of accepting your body despite flaws. Big stories of fat being the new beautiful. A considerable amount of appreciation for positive body images. But what to do on the days when you just
How to Keep Yourself Active in the Modeling Social Circle
The modeling industry is not just about looking good and get clicked. It requires much more effort and hard work. While it may be easy to find your first project, but it may require a lot more networking to find another. The fashion and modeling profession, demands you to keep up with the industry to
Model Casting and How to Approach Agencies
Modeling is now a very competitive career in today’s world. Modeling is not an easy field to breakthrough. With high amounts of exercise and discipline, modeling also requires enough networking. But, networks are created over time. In this, model Casting is an important part for every model to get the best agency suited for them.
The Different Ways Models Earn

The Different Ways Models Earn

Modeling is an exciting world. One can earn a decent living from this field, contrary to what people think about the industry. The only investment you require here is the investment of time. The modeling industry is not a very easy industry to survive in but is not impossible too. There are several benefits of
Social Stigma around Modeling in India
The glamor world of modeling and fashion is luring to us all. We admire the lifestyle of the models and wish to have a life like that. With all the traveling involved, we even are jealous of them. But along with this, we also have some stigmas in our minds about the modeling industry in
Modeling Etiquette

Modeling Etiquette

Do you aspire to be a model? Have you been looking to groom yourself into one? Modeling is a field that requires people to be well put and well-behaved.  The first impression is the last. Therefore, it does not matter if you are a beginner or even a professional model, everyone should follow certain etiquette,
Celebrities and Extreme Diets

Celebrities and Extreme Diets

We know how important it is for celebrities to be in a good shape. It may be because of the demand for a certain role in a movie or even societal pressure to look perfect. Celebrities always have a workout and a diet plan fixed in their daily routine. They meet any extents to fulfill
Beauty Norms and Societal Validations
What exactly is beauty? Well, People might answer that as: “True beauty lies in being original and honest in a way that there is enough love for you and everyone else.” We are told that beauty has nothing to do with skin color, the way we dress, the place we belong, nationality, caste, creed, social
The Surreal Celebrity Beauty Expectations 
Whether we notice or not, we secretly always want a life like a celebrity. We compare ourselves to them and try to imitate their lifestyle. Every celebrity has a fan following. Whatever actions they do, affects their followers. We even look up to them and set the beauty standards for us. But are those practical
All you need to know about Fashion Pageants
A fashion pageant or a beauty pageant is a competition that focuses traditionally on judging and ranking the physical attributes of the performers. Now most contests have been developed that incorporate not only the physical attribute, but also personality traits, talent, intelligence, and contestant’s ability to answer judges’ questions on various subjects.  Thousands of contests
8 Movies to Look Forward to in 2021

8 Movies to Look Forward to in 2021

Remember the last time when you searched for ‘most anticipated movies in 2020’, the excitement to sit in the movie theatre with popcorn? But all your speculations went in vain because COVID-19 changed everything. We witnessed a paradigm shift in the entertainment industry as it was struggling to survive in the new normal. Amid the
Things Men are Tired of Hearing in Indian Society
Over the years, women have fought for gender equality. However, women still continue to fight for it. But what we have not realized is that men also face inequality. We all have heard our elders say to boys when they cry, “Boys do not cry!” or “Do not behave like a girl”. If men do
Role of Confidence in Modeling

Role of Confidence in Modeling

It is often said that self-confidence is the key to success. Although, what does it mean? Is it related to self-esteem? Does it help to perform better? What exactly is it? The simple answer is the fact that confidence is subjective. Although, at the most basic level it means to have faith in oneself and
Golden Globe Awards – Nominations 2021
Introduction: In 1944, the Hollywood Foreign Correspondents Association organized an informal ceremony to recognize the distinct achievements of the film industry. Later next year, Marina Cisternas, came up with an idea of a globe on cylindrical support, to represent the world. Now, we are all set to celebrate the 78th Golden Globe awards. This is the
Madonna: Queen of Pop

Madonna: Queen of Pop

The widely popular quote, ” A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That is why they do not get what they want. ” by Madonna is a statement she embraces in her life. However, she is more than what the eye meets. She continues to impress young girls through her style,