According to the 2021 survey, there are around 252 million women entrepreneurs around the world who are running businesses despite all the societal oppressions.
Women prove themselves worthy every time. Around 153 million women operate well-established businesses
More Women should excel in their businesses against all the odds which are more in their way.


Fall wardrobe essentials that you must have
As the season transitions from summer to winter, so should your wardrobe. Everyone is excited about the launch of the fall and winter collections. But, it is important to have wardrobe basics. Your fall wardrobe must reflect the season. Try using fall style, colors, and textures to create your style. Include versatile and trendy items
Unisex Fashion: The Future of the Industry
Gone are the days when fashion became particular to genders. Unisex Fashion is the fashion that consists of clothing in addition to accessories that may be used by each man and woman. Today many large and reputed fashion manufacturers have begun out producing genderless garments. Although it seems a bit uncommon to the eyes of
How intersectionality and feminism are interrelated?
For the start, understanding what intersectionality means is quite important. It represents how different aspects of people’s identity come together to create different modes of either discrimination or privilege. If you ever gave it a thought, you hold many different positions as a human being. You are a kid, you might be a grandkid, a
 How to manage work when you live alone?
Living alone was already on the rise before the pandemic. It forced so many people to work from home. However, it might be more difficult to live and work alone. No matter what level of your job you are in. Managing yourself is a crucial skill to acquire! Also, preparing yourself to ward off inevitable
Criticism faced by Indian Models

Criticism faced by Indian Models

In India, models are seen as mannequins, and modeling is still not really considered as work! In India, people recognize models best once they win a crown internationally. It is miles very crucial for people to understand the applicants who are representing their country. Moreover, it takes a lot of hard work to attain that
Met Gala- A Memoir of Fashion’s Biggest Night Out
“Fashion can tell you everything that’s going on in the world with a strong fashion image.” -Anna Wintour.                     Started as a fundraiser, today the Met Gala is the most anticipated fashion event. The first Monday of May has a lot of importance in the fashion calendar. Now, the
Trendsetters In The Indian Fashion Industry
When it comes to fashion, the creators always try to find something interesting and unique. The land of India has some of the finest artists and craftsmen. There is a designer behind every fashion industry who gives meaning to the quest of making fashion- a new form of art. Several brands made a name and
Working single mother- A balance

Working single mother- A balance

Single moms can face many limitations to employment. For instance, locating low-cost baby care and predictable work schedules. For plenty, an unwell toddler or a flat tire can lead to losing one’s job. Yet considering that 2015, something sudden has occurred. The share of young single moms inside the workforce has climbed about four percentage
Fashion Trends that can be Adapted from Remote Tribes
Fashion, an essential in every individual’s life. It plays an important role in our daily life. However, weaving, tufting, stitching, twining, etc takes a hell of a lot of time before the outfit reaches us. Moreover, talking about the past, the clothes included beadwork, quillwork, leatherwork, and textile arts. Likewise, history is on the path
Barriers for women in the workplace
The life of a woman is more like a roller coaster. From being a CEO and a mother, women can manage both which is not an easy task to do. Since the day a girl is born, she has to face many challenges. Similarly, in ancient times women were believed to be the weaker gender
Perfect jobs for mothers to resume

Perfect jobs for mothers to resume

Are you a mom trying to find a job? Would you wish to possess more work-life balance and spend less time babysitting your child? A woman has always participated in bearing the brunt to sacrifice her career for post-marriage as well as for childbirth. Therefore, renewing career, providing maternity advantages and child-friendly workstations or facilities
How to Recover from a Mom Burnout

How to Recover from a Mom Burnout

Mom burnout is an actual thing. Especially now while we are predicted to stretch ourselves and end up superhuman withinside the time of a pandemic (and the transition to after). Working mother burnout, stay-at-home mother burnout, concerned mom burnout, and burdened out of mother burnout are all going on at the identical time and with
State of women’s rights in Afghanistan
If you look at the history of Afghanistan, you can see that the Taliban took control of the country in 1996. At that time, women had to follow the laws and live in harsh conditions. All the women of Afghanistan had to cover their faces and could only leave with a male. Society did not
What is happening in Afghanistan? A Guide
The cold war between the USA and the Soviet Union gave birth to conflicting oppositions in Afghanistan. The USA took the opportunity and began funding the Taliban to resist the interim government in Afghanistan to weaken the Soviets. When the Soviet-led government fell apart in Afghanistan, the USA-funded Taliban rose to power with its rigid
Women in work: Empowerment

Women in work: Empowerment

I matter, I matter equally. Not ‘if only’ not ‘as long as’. I matter. Full stop  – Chimamanda Adichie. Every woman matters and the rights of every woman matter. When in today’s world women are walking shoulder by shoulder with men in every field, yet they need to fight for equality. For instance,  the employer
Benefits Of Employing Women In Your Company To Work
Gender diversity is necessary for a workplace. These days women work in almost every sector and are doing great. The companies that refused to give jobs to women, have now left this mindset and are starting to provide jobs to them. It is ensuring gender equality as well as building confidence in women. When you
The Growing Interest of Teens in Pursuing Fashion
Teenagers are exceedingly conscious about how they appear and occasionally obsess over details that adults disregard as valuable. They are not dressing up in the same way that we do. The self-consciousness of some teenagers generates an atrocity of drawing an excessive amount of attention to themselves. As a result, they try to withstand the
Fashion limitations for a Specially-abled Person
About 1.5 billion people across the globe possess some kind of disability. The void is very straightforward. It is approximately impossible to walk into a store or head online to find clothing that is designed specifically to serve people with special conditions. We can see numerous brands coming forward to fill this gap. Target, Nike,
Pregnancy And Career Compromise for women
Understandably, many women compromise their careers for the sake of their children. However, according to a study done in the United States of America, nearly 50% of women make up the workforce and 85% of women will prefer to become mothers if given a choice between pregnancy and career. Likewise, during the study, it was
Plus-size Fashion Trends

Plus-size Fashion Trends

Fashion has become one of the most important aspects of every individual’s life in today’s world, right? Each human being has a sense of fashion and style that is owned by them. Let’s take a deeper look at what Plus-size fashion trends have to offer us. Whether you are oversized or not, it does not mean