According to the 2021 survey, there are around 252 million women entrepreneurs around the world who are running businesses despite all the societal oppressions.
Women prove themselves worthy every time. Around 153 million women operate well-established businesses
More Women should excel in their businesses against all the odds which are more in their way.


How has Technology improved the Construction Industry?
To say that the construction industry has changed with the ascent of technology has bespoke. When it is expensive and time-consuming, construction projects are now happening very quickly and at very little cost, thanks in part to the combination of emerging technologies. Never mind that the Internet, smartphones, and tablets are for the industry: data
Unisex Fashion: The Future of the Industry
Gone are the days when fashion became particular to genders. Unisex Fashion is the fashion that consists of clothing in addition to accessories that may be used by each man and woman. Today many large and reputed fashion manufacturers have begun out producing genderless garments. Although it seems a bit uncommon to the eyes of
Cancer Survivor’s Tips to a Healthy Life
Every year, new cancer cases increase by more than 18 million. But the silver lining is that roughly 56% of cancer diagnosed population survives. Researchers try to find new ways of treating cancers but little gets done for cancer survivors. Fighting cancer is an achievement worthy of sincere applause. And, with applause come important details
Myths about Women Hygiene Products- BUSTED
There was going through her periods but her last tampon in the pack was used. She was in desperate need of one. So, she asked her friends if they have a spare. Her friends looked at her shocked and said “No, Tampons should not be used. They can be unhygienic or can be stuck.” Not
Secure your home with Flood Insurance

Secure your home with Flood Insurance

No matter big or small, your home is your small heaven. Meanwhile, in our entire life journey, we make a huge investment regarding our home. Because we want it to be perfect the way we want. However, there are a few things to look for when you start building your home. As you are on
Post-flood Restoration Services

Post-flood Restoration Services

Flooding can cause tremendous damages to your house as well as your property. However, it is a matter of worry to every household owner. People face very stressful moments after flood strikes at anyone’s home. There are several risks that flood-affected households contain. Massive Rainfall, overflowing of the river, Climate change, Dams, or levees breaking,
Things and Equipment needed for a thorough House Cleaning 
There is nothing as important as the hygiene of the house. Everybody wants their resident to smell good, look good and feel fresh. The use of cleaning equipment has evolved throughout the years. Notwithstanding the traditional methods, the modern ways of cleaning have a better and easier approach. Commercial and industrial cleaning requires heavy machinery
India’s response to Live-in relationships
In India, the essence of marriage is on principles and responsibilities. People have been following this for a very long time and consider it as their duty. But as our society is developing and moving forward, our youth is looking for an alternative. They think that before getting married to someone, they should know each
Why is it Necessary to Have a Website?
If it seems like social media is dominating the Internet, you might be wondering, “Do I need a website?” The answer is yes, and we are here to tell you why. 70-80% of people research businesses online before visiting or purchasing in the past few years. The same percentage of customers could get lost in
Free Speech- boon or bane?

Free Speech- boon or bane?

Free speech is the freedom of expression. It is the ability to express oneself without fearing the repercussions. Free speech is the ability to put thoughts, information,  and opinions into words and practicality. It means you can say anything you want, wherever you want. While that is a good thing and a progressive approach for
Everything About Mold Damage and Remediation
Mold exposure Mold is one of the powerful pollutants that can rebuild and formulate in your households or workplaces. It is a type of fungus that consists of small organisms and can generate approximately everywhere and in various colors- white, black, green, purple, or orange. It commonly reproduces through tiny lightweight spores in the air.
Causes and Solutions for Damaged Walls
Fixing damaged walls can be a matter of stress to many. Meanwhile, several causes can damage the walls of your home. Accordingly, wall damages are problematic and not many house owners are ready for it. All the prime reasons for wall damages are – bad workmanship, dampness, floodwater, faulty contractions, improper fixing of pipes, due
Carpet Cleaning and Care Tips for Pet Owners
Having trouble with a pet at home? You have come to the right place. While having his meal, he created a mess. It looks very bad. The stain will bother you every time you pass through it. Why let it bother you when you can take some precautions and clear off that stain and any
Top 5 Places to Travel for this 4th of July Weekend
July 4 was the day when the dawn of independence hit the walls of America. It celebrates the political independence of Great Britain’s 13 Northern colonies. These colonies went ahead and formed the United States of America. The Continental Congress voted in favor of independence on July 2. Two days later, delegates from the 13
Sustainable Lifestyle- Top 5 Things we Can do
The world currently has a whopping 7 billion people residing in it. With the planet falling back to accommodate everyone’s need for resources, a sustainable lifestyle is what everyone should ideally pick. By 2050, the world’s population may reach a whopping 10 billion. It will imply more demand for – food, housing, shelter, and other
Traveling in Covid Season with Precautions
The dawn of 2020 brought with it the jaws of the Covid 19 pandemic. Covid 19 is a disease that has its roots in the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The virus is so deadly that it has caused an un-recordable number of deaths globally. All countries in the world suffered the wrath of this virus and created
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15 Questions for Understanding One’s Sexuality Better
Sexuality is a spectrum of variations.  Sexuality cannot be fixated into a definition. It is often said sexuality is all about what people prefer. However, Preference emerges out of choice, and sexuality cannot be put to a limit within this six-word definition of choice. It is the way a person is. When we come out
10 Most Dangerous Places for Gay Travelers
But, even in this twenty-first century, many countries still see the LGBTQ community through the lens of criminology. For them, it is a dishonor to their almighty. A shame to their nation and a disgrace to the whole human race. This goes beyond the definition of “problematic”. According to Equaldex, several gay activities are not
Top 10 LGBTQ Luminaries Around the World
With the ongoing month of pride nearing an end on June 30th, people have started coming out and sharing their stories of “togetherness’’. Innumerable people coming out and speaking about their sexual preference/non-preference, pride month has ringed the bells of courage in everyone’s hearts. The LGBTQ community has faced its share of struggles. Struggle to
10 most powerful LGBTQ+ quotes that made history
LGBTQ is an acronym that stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, or Questioning. These terms describe the sexual orientation and preferences of these people. Sexual orientation is an integral part of our life and it is extremely necessary to understand and respect every different type of it. However, people having a sexual orientation different