Brothers day and more..

Brothers Day 

The first friend one makes is his/her siblings. Brothers are always special to everyone as they are a support system, a shoulder to lie on, a beautiful company in all our miseries and our party accomplice any day. This day celebrates the bond that brothers share and the beauty of a family. It is to celebrate our brothers in our lives today. Brother is an emotion that could only be felt. 

How to celebrate?

Call your brother ASAP and tell them what they mean to you. If you have the luxury to send them gifts, then surprise them with their favorite things. Otherwise, you can facetime all day. Make them feel special and let them know what they mean to you. 

Tiara Day

Tiara day motivates women to celebrate themselves and accept their inner beauty. Have them cherish their own inner selves and be proud of that. Tiara day just gives women a special day to feel like a princess of their life and rule it the way they want. Women need not feel bad about anything they own or they possess, this is exactly what this day wants to propagate. 

Take out time for yourselves this day and have a blast with your company. Feel good for everything about you and do whatever makes you happy. Make plans to pamper yourself and enjoy the day without any guilt as you deserve it all. 

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