Birthday Today – Queen Victoria and more..Created by Riya Gupta.


Birthday Today – Queen Victoria and more..

Queen Victoria 

Victoria was the queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. She ruled from 20 June 1837 until her death as per Wikipedia. She ruled more than any of her predecessors and her rule was termed as the Victorian Era. Britain saw its most developed in terms of economy, social culture, and also expanded into the huge British Empire under her reign. She was also titled as the Empress of India on 1 May 1876. 



Bob Dylan


Dylan is a famous American songwriter, musician, and visual artist. He has been working in pop culture for the past 50 years. His most popular works have been dated back to the 1960s and 1970s. Dylan has been a star in the truest sense as he has won 10 Grammy awards and is also a 2016 Nobel Prize Laureate for literature. He bagged the award for his amazing poetic expressions and creating a new wave of poetry. 


Priscilla Presley


Priscilla is an American actress and a renowned business magnate, she was the chairwoman of Elvis Presley Enterprises that created a revolution of sorts in the United States. In her acting career she played the role of Jenna Wade on the long-running television series Dallas. 



Information Source: Wikipedia

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