Beauty and Fashion – The Misunderstanding

Beauty and Fashion – Neither Different Nor Same

Every word has a different meaning of itself, even if you look at the synonyms they also have a slight difference in meanings. Beauty and fashion are

Every word has a different meaning of itself, even if you look at the synonyms they also have a slight difference in meanings. Beauty and fashion are two words with totally different meanings but most of the people end up mixing their meanings.

Beauty and fashion both are perspectives, don’t judge anyone for their sense of beauty and fashion because your idea can differ from other the other person but none of you are wrong on your ideas.

Beauty is a gift by God to humans and fashion is a gift of humans to humans. Beauty can make you feel relaxed and fashion can make you feel comfortable.

What is Beauty?


Beauty is perfectly defined by a quote “Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder”. Beauty is not only about looking good, but it is more than that, it is about being good from the inner soul.

Beauty not only lies with humans, but it is also present in every possible thing you can think of, everything is beautiful in its way. Look around yourself with the eyes of beauty you will find yourself residing in very beautiful surroundings.

Seeing a sapling growing from a seed into a plant, listening to the chirping of birds, putting the legs in still water of the pond, touching the fast-flowing river originating from the mountains, watching the sunrise, feeling the fast blowing breeze touching your face, this all is the beauty of nature.

A person feeding the street-side dog, someone adopting an orphan, taking care of your parents in old age, respecting every human being without seeing his or her culture, caste, religion, income, clothes, feeling of respect and care for every living being you see, this is the beauty of humanity.

Beauty can not be described in words, it is a feeling which can only be felt. The definition of beauty will be different for every individual.

What is Fashion?


Fashion is the kind of cloth we wear, the hairstyle we make according to our clothes, the footwear we choose with our dress to enhance our appearance, the makeup we put on. Fashion is the outer look of someone, which is noticed by everyone around.

Fashion has evolved, from being just a label of the upper-class to a trading name for the global market.

Wearing a gown with open hair at the wedding, long skirt and tied plates for festivals, shorts and crop-top with some funky hairstyle for the party, saree with a bun on the top of the head for the traditional rituals, these are some of the different fashion which girls prefer on specific occasions.

Wearing short pants and a t-shirt for running or jogging, trouser and a t-shirt for casual wear, suit-pant for weddings and official meetings are some of the different fashion boys adopt on different occasions.

Fashion is very influencing in nature, we all get influenced by the latest fashion very easily. As soon as we look at our famous model, actor, or actress wearing a newly designed cloth or with a new hairstyle, we try to copy them in the best possible way we can.

Our clothes become a symbol of our profession in a way, like, if we see a teacher he or she will not be wearing any informal dress to the school, they will always be seen in formal dress, likewise, the politicians always have used as a weapon in their politics.

Everyone has its sense of fashion, some might like funky hair but at the same time, some may also find it fashionless, and both the categories of people are right in their place.

Point where Fashion and Beauty meets


Fashion is a medium which connects the cultures of people all over the world with each other and beauty is a feeling which convinces a person to accept and try the culture of other people.

Fashion takes inspiration from nature, like for the colors and shades of clothes people take inspiration from the shades of flowers, the beauty of art and nature attracts the person towards itself which makes a person include the beauty of nature to enhance his or her fashion.

A person which has rich clothes but has rude behavior, a harsh voice, and full of ego is not liked by anyone because he has fashion in his personality but doesn’t have a beautiful heart with him.

When fashion meets beauty, it enhances and completes the beauty. Together, fashion and beauty enhance the personality of a person.



Beauty is the smile you wear on your face whereas fashion is the way you carry your style with different expressions with confidence.

We all get familiar with the lastest evolving fashion through music albums, movies, social media videos whereas our beauty evolves with our age and experiences.

Fashion and beauty both are revealing, the cloth you wear tells a story about you, and the way you treat every living being around you reflects your beauty.

Be a personality who is both fashionable as well as beautiful.

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