August 28 – Dr Martin Luther King Delivers His “I Have A Dream” Speech And More

Read on to enlighten yourself with historical milestones of today

History is something that illuminates the culture and its origin. It also forecasts the awareness and how and when everything evolved and fell into pl

History is something that illuminates the culture and its origin. It also forecasts the awareness and how and when everything evolved and fell into place. It not only helps us trace the origins of the past but also helps us understand it better which leads to an understanding of the present more desirably. We, at Brag Social, try to keep you updated with the happening of past and present through our today column. Let us now read the historical milestones of August 28.

1833 – Britain’s Slavery Abolition Act gains royal assent

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Many Africans were subjugated to slavery in the Caribbean and South Africa along with a small number in Canada. The Slavery Abolition Act was established to limit slavery and to put up with Britain’s economy that had been in flux since the new system of international commerce passed. On 28th August 1833, the Slavery Abolition Act, an act of the Parliament that abolished Slavery, received royal assent freeing more than 800,000 enslaved Africans from most parts of the British colonies.


1941 – The German U-boat U-570 is captured

The German Type VIIC U-boat was captured by the British Royal Navy during World War II. They renamed it the HMS Graph (pennant number P715) and had attacked and captured it on her first patrol. The German U-boat was commissioned as U-570 in Nazi Germany’s Kriegsmarine in mid-1941.

1963 – “I have a dream” speech delivered by Dr Martin Luther King

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The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, the political demonstration held in Washington, D.C which is considered to be one of the largest demonstrations in the history of the United States. The purpose of the March was to protest against racial discrimination and to encourage support for the legislation for major civil rights that was pending in Congress. When the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, reached its climax at the base of the Lincoln Memorial, Dr Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I have a dream” speech. The speech is considered to be one of the most iconic speeches in history and became a defining moment of the civil rights movement that called for equality and freedom


1977 – Nolan Ryan strikes out 300 Batters for the fifth year straight.

Nolan Ryan, one of the best major baseball league pitcher struck out 11 batters in a match against Baltimore Orioles to pass the 300 strikeout plateau for the fifth time in his career. It was a 6-1 loss to Baltimore Orioles against the California Angles, where Ryan was a star MBL.

1982 – First Gay Games held, in San Francisco.

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The first Gay Games was officially conceived by Tom Waddle, an activist and an athlete along with the help of others. The 1982 Games first took place in California, San Francisco on August 28 and continued till the 5th of September, as a sports competition and an art festival.


1983 Greg Luzinski is 1st player to put 3 HRs

The first player to park three home runs onto the roof at Comiskey Park was Greg Luzinski, who drove four runs to gain Chicago White Sox a victory of 6-2 over Boston. Luzinski made his MLB debut at the age of 19 and was one of the great sluggers of the 1970s and 1980s.

2012 – Mitt Romney nominated as the presidential candidate

Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts Gov. was nominated as the US Republican party’s presidential candidate. Romney’s name was cheered by the delegates in the National convention, who were eager to propel him into a campaign to oust President Barack Obama. Romney shared the stage with his wife in the national convention, officially nominated by the GOP.

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