August 22 – Complete Ring Around Neptune Discovered and more

Read on to find how August 22 has been a significant day in history

History has witnessed innumerable moments in the past, all of which, teach us something or the other. We get to learn a lot from the events of history

History has witnessed innumerable moments in the past, all of which, teach us something or the other. We get to learn a lot from the events of history like inventions, innovations, new records, and a lot more that happened in the past. To enlighten our minds, let us read the historical milestones of August 22:

1350: John II, also known as John the Good, succeeds Philip VI as king of France
John II was born on 26 April 1319 and was the son of Philips VI. His father died on 22 august 1350 and was buried in Saint-Denis Basilica. John was the king of France from August 22, 1350 to 8 April 1364. His successor was Charles V.

1911: The famous painting, The Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci, is stolen from the Louvre in Paris. It was
recovered in 1913.
Mona Lisa was the famous painting of the 19th century. It was so famous that it rocked every newspaper and magazine. It was stolen where it had hung for more than a hundred years from Louvre in Paris by Vincenzo Perugia in 1911 who was an Italian museum worker, artist, and also a thief. The most famous of his works were of stealing the painting of Mona Lisa in 1911, and then finally it was recovered in 1913.

1932: BBC begins experimental regular TV broadcasts
The First Experimental tv Programme by BBC was demonstrated on 22 August 1932. It was BBC involvement
with John Logie Baird’s broadcasts on the 30- line mechanical system assuming and thanking that may this medium get a future and it got. All its working began from the basement of Broadcasting House, London, August 22, 1932.

1962: The world first nuclear- powered passenger-cargo ship NS Savannah complete its Maiden Voyage
from Yorktown to Savannah
The first nuclear-powered passenger-cargo ship was departed from Rome to Bogota. And then to the president of the Republic of Columbia. It was the first nuclear-powered cargo ship. It is docked at Canton Marine Terminal in Baltimore, and will be decommissioned in the coming years says, federal officials.

1968: First Papal visit to Latin America Pope Paul VI arrives in Bogota.
Pope Paul VI was ahead of the Catholic Church and sovereign of the Vatican city-state. He continued the Second Vatican Council after succeeding his father John XXIII. He arrived in Columbia, becoming the first pontiff to visit South America. He died in August 1978, when he got a heart stroke.

1989: First complete ring around Neptune discovered.
As Neptune began looming large Voyager’s cameras, the spacecraft discovered a faint but continuous ring system encircling the planet. Scientists had suspected that there were rings around Neptune some years earlier. Later, the pictures were discovered.

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