Animal Cruelty – A Matter of Emphasis


Animal Cruelty – A Matter of Emphasis

Those innocent lives need sympathy, not cruelty

There are evidences from the past stating that humans have been harming animals since times immemorial. Some unique species were existing in this worl

There are evidences from the past stating that humans have been harming animals since times immemorial. Some unique species were existing in this world which are not even known today. When humans started settling on a landmass and tried to manage the way they live by improving the ways of procuring food and protecting themselves, hundreds and thousands of animal species vanished in this process. Have you ever read about a 200-kilogram, two-meter kangaroo? Yes, they existed before humans settled on the Australian landmass. It’s not only about the present, humans have been cruel in the past, they are cruel in the present and they will continue to be the same. They would not change. These cruel humans do not represent the whole human species; rather, these are just a group of people from the population, who harm animals purposefully. Some brains belong to the opposite side as well, who work to save animals, to conserve them, to provide them a better place and better conditions to live in. The cruel ones are a sin, not only for a particular species, but for the whole planet.

This kind of harming, terrorizing, or scaring animals is known as animal cruelty. Even animal neglect is a part of animal cruelty. Failing to care for someone who needs help is also a cruel deed. There have been uncountable numbers of cases of animal cruelty all around the world.


Cases of feeding animals with explosive-laden food are very frequent in the case of forest animals like jackals, elephants, etc. Also, there have been incidents of little puppies with a burning cracker tied to their tail. Cases about animals tied behind cars and made to run and dragged, animals killed in a very cruel manner, those speechless creatures buried alive are some other examples of animal cruelty. It has been evident that one-third of parrot species are in danger of being extinct because of the exotic bird trade. If you read about more stats and facts about animal cruelty, you will get disturbed deeply and if you are an animal lover, your nights will go sleepless.

As you have read, the humans, in the race of becoming the most superior species on Earth, are doing merciless activities to maintain their superiority and harming those innocent creatures, which cannot even speak and express themselves in the way we can. Scientifically, humans are not the most intelligent creatures on Earth, but just because they have adaptive features and a better lifestyle, they tend to dominate the planet. They can walk on two legs and can adapt to every kind of climate, due to which they have an edge over other species. History is the witness of the fact that whatever hampers humans, they lead it towards the path of destruction and the humans have made several species extinct in the same way.

We know that whenever a son dies, the mother is the most depressed one. This fact is not confined to humans only. The same goes for everyone on this planet. Even a mother elephant is sad when her son doesn’t return home before night. They are a part of the life cycle of this planet. Every endangered species has a deep effect on the life cycle, but we do not realize it till the time the effect comes out as a major one. Maintaining this life cycle is very important. Whenever you harm any non-human creature, think of its mother, its family, and think about the curse you will get on harming an innocent life. Have you ever looked into an animal’s eyes, like a bird’s eyes or dog’s eyes? Try it out; you will immediately fall in love with them. That moment, you will realize what harsh crime we were committing.


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