All California Beaches to be closed due to Coronavirus says the memo

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All California Beaches to be closed due to Coronavirus says the memo

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Source: FoxNews

According to a memo sent to the California police chiefs, Newsom, the Governor of California, would be closing all the beaches and state parks starting coming Friday to curb the spread of the coronavirus. This decision has been taken by him because of the incident that happened last week in which massive crowd-an estimated 80,000 people, flocked to Newport Beach in Orange County during the heatwaves. This was denoted as an example of “what not to do” by Newsom for the rest of the people in order to make progress towards hampering the spread of the virus and easing way towards lifting stay-at-home order.

Content of the memo:

The memo, sent by California Police Chiefs Association, said that it was a way of giving all the members a heads up so that they have an adequate amount of time to plan accordingly to deal with the situations that are expected to likely happen after the execution of this order as each community has its way of reacting to the changes and the dynamics.

Many beaches are closed but those in Ventura and Orange Counties are open and are drawing a lot of people as the weather is getting warmer.

Reaction of people:

Don Wagner, Orange County Supervisor, called this an “overreaction” and added that according to medical professionals, fresh air and sunlight helps in fighting infectious diseases. He also mentioned that this may lead to breaking the stay-at-home order for the residents as there are already several restrictions and people are frustrated for more than a month now.

In Huntington Beach, protesters demanded the state for the reopening of the businesses so this order by the governor is likely to fuel the anger and frustration among the Californians.

As of Wednesday, there are more than 47,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, 2,000 have died of COVID-19 and 3.7 million Californians have filed for unemployment since mid-March.







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