Brag Social allows their partners to showcase their ads on our high traffic website. We are happy to share our CDN analytics with any client interested to work with us.



Brag Social Traffic Data
Traffic Data – Brag Social


The pricing for our traffic data is as follows. 


Title Ads(728X90) – $300 for 30 days

Sidebar ads (300X250)- $250 for 30 days (in case of different size the cost varies. contact width of 300pixels)

in Blog top ads (300X250) – $300 for 30 days

In Blog Bottom Ads (728X90) – $250 for 30 days.



These prices are subject to change on a quarterly basis.



For lead generation (forms and landing pages) the charges are as follows:
lead generation : $1000 set up fees (one time) (includes landing page and required forms)
Monthly recurring : $250
Leads cost : $5 per lead after 25 leads
Landing pages Html design by our team: $350


Contact us for more details and to schedule a consultation.

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