A friend – Music


A friend – Music

An Ecstasy

Friends are so inevitable in the life of a common man. Some best friends, some midnight buddies, some party accomplices, and the list of categorie

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Friends are so inevitable in the life of a common man. Some best friends, some midnight buddies, some party accomplices, and the list of categories goes on. All of mankind has friends. And, the concept of friends is highly subjective too. A friend need not necessarily be a fellow human being, ain’t it? There is also one constant friend to everybody, who might fit in all of the benchmarks we have set. And, that are the playlists (many of us do have more than one) we have crafted with so much effort and thought, for being by our side at all times. 

It is psychologically proven that music has a heavy impact on our emotions and our behavior. Music speaks to the heart and soul of an individual like nobody else does. In a study conducted, it was concluded that people indulged in heavy music after they supposedly get their dosage of regular drugs. Music can weave stories along with preaching messages, it can be a therapist along with being a loving friend. Thus, music is an integral part of all our lives. 

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Music resonates with feelings, giving a boost to the intensity of our emotions. People take to party songs when they feel happy, listen to sad songs when they feel low about themselves, listen to something melodious when they are simply joyful. The lyrics of the songs often give words to their unexplainable emotions and they find a person who understands them through the medium of music. The rhythms become a companion that we never asked for. 

A healer in disguise. Music helps people get out of their loop of sadness. Not only the lyrics but also the beats that have been conjoined together makes sense. Sometimes they  get the person high, sometimes hit the low, and realize that you go down to rise with beauty. Some songs pave the way for our healing. It heals us from inside. 

Takes you down memory lane. One of the crucial ways through which music evokes emotion is by taking you down the lane of nostalgia. The good, the bad, and also at times those memories that you did not know ever existed in your brain. They are like cloud storage, which does not exist in physical reality but there it is always, somewhere hidden. This helps a person be grateful today. An undescribable emotion. 

The problem solver. Many songs unknowingly reflect one’s present condition. That is where they relate and often lead to solutions to the problems they face. If not problems it does help them in believing, there is a way out and a hope to come out. Songs become a support system, some part of us.

Motivation. Physical educators say that gyms with music facilities see a huge number of people turning up. This is so because the rhythm, the beats and everything else motivates the person to match and catch up to it. This makes people way more enthusiastic than they were. It makes people more rejuvenated and it is like the music is leading our way in how we should jump and run. And, this is not restricted to the gyms, it applies to our lives as well.

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Unity and making connections. When someone likes your favorite piece of music, it becomes an icebreaker in the relationship. You find a fellow person who thinks and feels like you. Emotions transpire with ease, all through the magic of music. Music becomes the link between different souls, different ideologies and ultimately creating the strongest of bonds.

Open your music album, and revisit all your favorite playlists today. They will take you on a journey you were on before and also might show you ways you have never taken. But they will surely make you feel a lot better than you are. 

Get out your favorite playlist and start on the amazing journey, right now. 

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